Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 30 - Now Knee Pain

Yup, my knee blew again. It happened on Tuesday afternoon when I was getting back into the car after getting my free iced coffee at Panera. Nothing’s free, right? Anyway, I grabbed my cane out of the trunk, hobbled back to my desk and called Nebraska Ortho. I needed to make an appointment with a new doc since mine had retired last June.

I had called a month ago to make a new patient appointment but they said to just call when I was in pain. Right. I did and they said my replacement doc was booking new patient appointments a month out so I got in for Wednesday with another doc who had an opening. Whatever. I needed help.

Fast forward to Wednesday afternoon when, long story short, I found out that all the shots I’ve gotten in my joint over the past years have been for nothing! My pain is not now and never has been in my joint so cortisone in my joint has had zero effect. That explains so much, like why when this happened 4 years ago (my last full blow out) the shot did nothing and I was still limping and using a cane after 6 weeks. PT saved me then and that was the plan for this go ‘round too.

One session with my PT in Wahoo first thing Thursday and my hamstring spasm, which has been the problem all along btw, was released. Not that it felt good after a 44 hour Charley horse though. I knew I’d be in PT a long time but at least there was hope on the horizon. I can work with muscular. I had another session at the end of the day Friday – 1 hour and 45 minutes of pain and torture but it was getting better.

Needless to say, I didn’t do much on the weekend. Sitting and knitting – all good. I did manage to do the long overdue basement freezer defrost, which left me cooking and baking with some of the stuff I found. I made a nice blueberry pie with crumb topping (single frozen crust and 4 cups of blueberries from the freezer) to take to knitting, which felt great. I’ve been dieting, or trying to anyway, for so long that I do very little baking and I miss it. I also picked the first beans from my garden and made 3 bean salad. At least that was healthy.

My latest rotation was definitely off the rails but at least I’d lost my vacation weight gain in the week I'd stuck to it. There’s always the next one, or maybe not. I’m giving serious consideration to doing a 2 or 3 day fast (600 calories) and see how that works. And one of these days I’ll be able to swim again. I live in hope. More PT will do the trick.

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  1. It's interesting that the shots that do wonders for some seem to do nothing for others. I think one of the keys is having a good rheumatologist who truly knows joints. Other doctors understand the general concept but don't have the same in-depth experience and knowledge. Also, losing just one pound relieves five pounds of pressure on the knees!