Sunday, August 28, 2016

Week 33 - My Bum Shoulder

I didn’t have to be at the airport until 3:00 so you know me, I jam packed the day. I met Deanne at a café in Wickford for breakfast so we had a nice chat and then walked around. Of course I hit The Mermaid’s Purl and bought a skein of sock yarn. Just one. I drove back to Carolyn’s to await Cornelia, who would be picking me up for a late lunch and the traditional dump and drive at the airport. We went to Crow’s Nest for lobster rolls. It was another good catch up and then an uneventful flight. The first one anyway – the 2nd flight was delayed a bit so I didn’t walk in my door until 11:00 pm. It was a quick trip but absolutely wonderful.

The alarm was a rude awakening on Tuesday but work was fine and then I got to pick up Gansey, who was freshly spayed, at Becky’s. It was wonderful to have her home and be home. I thoroughly enjoyed my first night at home.

I had PT at 7:00 on Wednesday so despite sleeping well, it was an early morning and a totally messed up routine. At least lunch was taken care of. We were having Bethany’s goodbye lunch at Blue Orchid. She’d only been in my office for a few months but we were all going to miss her a ton. So lunch was yummy but sad. I was still knackered from my trip so went home for streaming and knitting. It was the deadline for state fair entries and I’d given it some thought but couldn’t muster the energy to do them so that didn’t happen. I’ll live.

After only 2 days of relatively normal life, Thursday was time for my shoulder procedure. I left work at 3:00 and thought I was having something akin to acupuncture. Imagine my surprise when he said it was a needle biopsy! It started out OK and I even said it was no worse than getting a steroid injection in my knee and then he hit something that sent a bolt of pain down my arm that would have had my off the table except I was in a super awkward position. The pain was only a few seconds but the adrenaline rush had me a mess. The nurse spent the rest of the procedure, about 10 minutes more, petting my leg and telling me it was almost over. I left with a bandaid as the only evidence that anything had been done. It would be 2 days before the steroids kicked in, 2 weeks before full effect and a month before I’d know if it worked. Sheesh!

Work was fine on Friday and I was leaving early for what I hoped would be my last PT. I talked to Cory about not coming back and asked him to give me exercises to do on my own. He agreed and got me going but after an hour of all things PT, my shoulder was killing me. What should have been an easy round of e-stim had me groaning in pain. Cory took pity on me and hooked my shoulder up to some Game Ready icing. I was covered head to toe with equipment and feeling pretty cranky but I was still knitting. The ice did some good. Damn good thing!

I spent the weekend getting caught up. I had unpacked earlier in the week but except for the dirty clothes, which did make it to the hamper, everything was still on the counters. I got everything put away and then started cooking. I was determined to have a normal week the following week so was happy to end the weekend with the house in order and a fridge full of food for the week. Oh, and the steroids did in fact kick in so my shoulder was feeling much better. All good.

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