Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Week 31 - On the Mend

This week was still all about my knee. It was also the beginning of fiscal year end closing meetings week plus I was watering at Lorri's and would be watering at Lisa's (my neighbor 2 doors up) by the end of the week, even overlapping a few days. Add in the county fair and PT and it was going to be a busy week.

I scheduled my first PT appointment for 7:00 a.m. on Monday, which was too damn early but got me to work earlier so I went with it. And Monday night was fair prep for my knitting entries so I quickly grabbed 12 items after work and spent most of the 2 hours at the library prepping those so I could give them to Drae to submit for me. Because Tuesday after work I'd be at the fair doing vegetable check in for 4H, which is my annual master gardener volunteering. I was back at PT first thing Wednesday and Cory told me not to swim. I think I'd been in the pool twice all summer and the rest of this week wasn't looking good. Oh well.

Darla IM'd me Wednesday afternoon to ask what I was doing after work. When I told her I was going to the fair to check on ribbons, we made a plan to do it together and get corndogs for dinner. Fun. Well, I got about 2/3 red ribbons. WTF! I never enter anything that isn't absolutely perfect so was a bit surprised, even considering the lame judge they have who knows nothing about modern knitting. Nothing to be done about it but see what the comments are when I get my projects back. Then there were no corndogs to be had at the fair. Seriously? I really wanted one so Darla and I headed to Dairy Queen for a corndog and soft serve supper once we were done at the fair. They were yummy and it was great to catch up with Darla. It always is.

Closing meeting prep was in full swing so the work days were flying by and it was Friday afternoon before I knew it. I'd scheduled 4:30 PT on Friday, hoping it'd be my last, so left work early. I was ready for the weekend big time. Well, not only was it not my last PT (they always want you longer than you think) but Shane manhandled me so much that I woke up with joint pain on Saturday morning. Not good. The muscle was only a little tight first thing in the morning (the med pack of steroids I'd remembered I had and started on Tuesday was also helping) so it was getting better. At least there was that.

I didn't get a ton done all weekend. I got dressed and went to the library Saturday morning thinking I'd make a deposit but the money wasn't ready so I got presentable for nothing. I was supposed to sit in the library booth at the fair Saturday night but got a reprieve when Lorri called to say it was so slow that we could break the booth down at 5:00, which meant I wouldn't be sitting there until 9:00. Then Andrea offered to pick up my entries on Sunday evening so another reprieve. Nice on both counts.

I was under the gun to finish my July challenge socks so knitted at home all night Saturday then knitted between chores on Sunday. I got the 2nd sock done Sunday night only to find a mistake that required me to rip out 2/3 of the second sock. Oh well. Between all the knitting and all the regular chores, I did manage to go through the upstairs freezer so at least all my frozen food is in good order. My cupboards are next up, btw.

So all in all, a good week. Progress on my knee, lots of knitting and enough productivity to keep my ever present self-imposed guilt in check. I even baked a cake to take to knitting. Plus it wasn't super hot - I even slept with the windows open several night. See? All good.

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