Sunday, July 17, 2016

Week 29 - Drama and Pain

I had started a rotation on Sunday so was happy to be on a 600 calorie day on Monday. I was determined to have a good rotation and lose some of the 7 pounds I'd gained before and during my trip. The fridge was stocked with healthy food and swimming was back so I was stoked.

Somewhere in the wee hours on Wednesday morning, I managed to pull a muscle in my back while sleeping. I was fine at 3:30 when I woke up to pee but was a mess when the alarm went off 2 hours later. It was between my shoulder blades just along the left side of my spine and hurt every time I moved my head. I made it through work OK but made the mistake of thinking swimming would help. I only lasted 25 minutes and it wasn't pretty. And when I went to bed, the only position I could stand was flat on my back with no pillow. Needless to say, I didn't sleep much.

I woke up feeling much worse Thursday. I went to work but the pain was so all encompassing that I couldn't concentrate, not even to hold down a conversation with Dodie at lunch. I'd talked to my friend who's a personal trainer that morning and she suggested laying on a heating pad so I left work after lunch and did just that. It felt good just to be home and after an hour of heat, my back started to loosen up. I was on and off the heating pad for the rest of the day and slept in my awkward position again but this time on the heating pad. I was 80% better when I woke up on Friday. Despite the improvement, I wasn't going to chance swimming again so hit HyVee and went home for the weekend. It was a gorgeous evening on Friday with low 60's overnight so I slept with the windows open, which felt like a treat. Blazing heat was coming back on Sunday and would be around for weeks so I enjoyed the night and slept better than I had in several nights.

There was some post-trip drama late in the week. Someone posted to our private Facebook group asking if anyone had heard from the tour company on the bus fiasco, at which point our leader posted a snarky, accusatory comment that got everyone riled up and emailing. My email complained about many things beyond the bus, the leader being problem one. After flurries of emails and posts, we got an offer of a $300 refund for the bus problem and a $200 credit if we'd take another trip with the same leader. Not a chance in hell! Moving on....

I had a nice, relaxing weekend, interspersing chores with bouts of sitting and knitting. I'd done pretty well on the rotation so was down 5 pounds and was starting 1200 calories, which always feels great, on Sunday. I'd also been able to sleep with my pillow on Saturday night. Yay! Nancy stopped over for tea and a chat on Sunday afternoon. We hadn't seen each other in ages so had a nice catch up. And my back was at about 95% better so only hurt once in awhile when I moved my head the wrong way. Progress. I'll take it.

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