Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Week 31 - Shrinking and Yarn

It was the first week of the busiest two weeks of my work year – fiscal year end closing meetings. As usual, it coincided with the fair so I was plenty busy. Then add the social obligations I foolishly made and it was jam packed. But it all worked out fine plus there were a couple of bright spots.

Last summer, Carolyn said that sometimes it took time for your body to catch up when you were losing weight. Clearly that has happened to me. My weight loss has been steady but the last rotation was hard and I didn’t lose as much weight as I usually do. I had hoped to break 60 pounds by the end of the rotation but was stuck at 57. Still, my body seemed to be shrinking. All of a sudden, even my smaller pants were too big and so I went to the spare room in search of a pair of size 22 jeans I’d bought and set aside. Lo and behold, they fit! I pulled a pair of size 20 capris out and they were snug but were wearable. Eureka! Did I mention that I started at a size 28? I am very happy my new, thinner self.

Did I mention how full my week was? I had knitting on Monday, 4H fair check ins on Tuesday night, after which I mowed since I hadn’t on the weekend, and then I worked until almost 10:00 running reports from home. Since I’d had no down time all day, I struggled to fall asleep and was up in the wee hours, hungry but determined not to snack. After work Wednesday was a movie that I desperately tried to get out of but since I’d promised not to cancel when I’d rescheduled from last week, I had to go. It was Mr. Holmes, which I wanted to see but it was a slow start so I was fighting sleep. It did eventually hook me but was a hard movie to watch (Sherlock a doddering old man? No thank you!) and then dinner afterwards was a rushed buff bowl at Noodles because Nancy had somewhere to be. At least that left me time to go check out my ribbons at the fair. I’d won best of lot with some socks and mostly blues on everything else. Nice.

I was up in the wee hours again and was so wide awake that I ran some reports Mary had requested at 2:00 a.m. I scored some brownie points on that move but was exhausted the next day. The day was full then after swimming we went out to Mellow Mushroom with Jessica’s mom, who wanted to meet us all. It was lots of fun and only one more day to go. Friday flew by and I happily went home for the weekend with big plans to be productive. I was tired and not as productive as I’d planned on Saturday but I did manage to finish everything I’d left half done from the previous weekend. I guess that’s something.

While I was procrastinating chores on Saturday, I went on to Craig’s List, something I rarely do, and found a woman in Omaha with some yarn to sell. I was willing to check it out when I was planning to do an Omaha run on Saturday but when that didn’t work out, I asked if she had any sock yarn to see if it was worth making a special trip. When she said she had a tote full, I made plans to go after knitting at Lori’s on Sunday afternoon. I loaded up the car with Goodwill donations (cross that off) and food for the chickens and headed to Lori’s. We had fun knitting in the AC and then I headed to Omaha.

OMG! When Vicki opened the door, there was a 20 gallon tote brimming over with good quality sock yarn and trash bags of yarn all over her living room. I went through all of the bags, which had been her dad’s, and came up with 2 trash bags to add to the tote. Long story short, I got it all for $80. She asked me for $40 but that just wasn’t enough. Unfortunately she helped me take the bags out to the car and picked up the wrong one, which I didn’t realize until I got home. Even so, I had 2 huge lots of yarn to go through and spent my Sunday evening happily sorting yarn. And Lori was willing to pick the other bag after work one night so I wouldn’t have to drive to Omaha again. Here’s a pic of about 1/3 of the total score. Great way to end a stressful week, am I right? I’ve got plenty to share and more than I could ever need. Hopefully the yarn high will take me through the next week, which is the 2nd half of the closing meetings and Nora’s on vacation so it’s all me. Wish me luck.

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