Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Week 30 - Just Saying No!

This week was all about saying No! It seemed like every time I turned around, I was nixing something. It all worked out for the best in the end though.

It started Monday morning, when I was feeling foggy headed and was struggling to get moving. The final straw was driving in listening to the book for book club on Thursday – River of Doubt. It was a non-fiction account of Theodore Roosevelt’s trip in the Amazon and it just went on and on. I was halfway through the book and they’d just hit the river. Done! I couldn’t stand another second of the blather and knew dismal stuff was coming so called it good. Life is too short to read/listen to bad books. From there, the day got better and I was in a good mood by the time I left knitting. But when I approached my house, there was a dead, orange kitten in the road in front of my house. Not having a clue whose it was and not finding any neighbor who knew, I buried him in my backyard for lack of a better solution. I didn’t let it ruin my good mood though and continued in that vein, deciding not to worry about staying up late to clear surfaces for the cleaning lady. I got on facebook and told her to just do the floors and bathrooms because I wasn’t going to stress about the rest. Another No that worked for me.

On Tuesday morning, I took one look at the weather forecast and decided it was time for yet another No! I had made plans to go to a movie with my friend Nancy after work on Wednesday but the weather was going to be gorgeous again and I could not face the idea of being stuck inside on such a nice evening on the only day in the week I can go right home. I called Nancy and postponed until the following Wednesday, which meant I could ditch work a bit early and get 2 hours of gardening in before dinner. I reclaimed the rest of my veg beds and the berries. When I went in to shower just before 7:00, I felt great for the progress I made. Yet another No working in my favor.

Thursday was yet another full day – from work to the pool to book club, getting home after 8:00. But the next day was Friday so it was all good. The first closing meeting was at 10:00 so I prepped for that first thing, had a delicious lunch with Layton at McFarland’s and then met Darla at Menard’s after work. I needed an under the bed box to get my gift wrap in order, which was the first step in reclaiming the floor of my laundry room. I failed to find one at Menard’s but did get one at the next store so headed home confident in my plans to stay in and be productive all weekend.

It was hotter than blazes so I spent all weekend inside except for a brief run to the market on Sunday. By the end of the weekend, I had gone through all the wrapping stuff, reclaimed the laundry room, cleared the surfaces of my 3 problem areas (desk, bar and table) then went through all the paper. I also cooked/prepped a bunch of food for the week, including a big pot of veggie soup for my 600 calorie days. Lest you think there was no fun in there, I did make time to dye a bit of yarn for my swap and do some knitting between all the regular chores. I even skyed with my friend Eileen in Canada on Sunday morning. Progress is good!

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