Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 35 - A Normal Week

It was a normal week. At last! Campus was back in full swing, which meant swimming was back, and everything just felt normal.

Despite the normalcy, I was struggling with my diet. By mid-week I just wanted to take a break so ended up eating cheese and cracker with Guinness for supper on Wednesday and decided to take a couple of days off. It was a 1200 calorie week so I had more leeway than a 600/900 week but that still wasn’t enough. I had a pain au raisin on Thursday morning, which was a gift from my vice chancellor who knows I love them, but just eating part of one pastry on an empty stomach gave me a killer gut ache. Lunch was buff bowls with Dodie at Noodles (no cheat there) but I wasn’t sure if I should eat or not, deciding to eat, which was the right choice. All the spinach must have counteracted the sugar. I sealed the day with a KFC bowl after swimming (it was exactly what I wanted and delish!) and that was enough. I was back to eating clean on Friday. I still wasn’t into it but I only had another week to go and was still hoping to break 60 pounds so got back on track.

Lori, Andrea and I had plans on Saturday for shopping and lunch. I had hoped to sleep in a bit but was up at 5:30 so immediately got busy. I had bought lots of clothes at Goodwill’s 99 cent sale on Friday so started laundry and got the kitchen picked up. Before Carolyn and I talked ~8:00, I had 2 loads of laundry done, dishes washed and had eaten breakfast. Not bad. I had a Friends of the Library meeting at 9:30 then went home to get more done before Lori picked me up at noon. We went to Our Corner Cottage, where I bought yet more stocking stuffers, then went to Hoot & Sadie’s, where we waited for Andrea, who didn’t show. She’d driven by and not seen us (were we in the back room maybe?) so went right to the restaurant. We had a nice lunch (I got the healthiest thing on the menu, which was ribs with a salad instead of fries) and then Drae came in to help me figure out a knitting problem. Once she left, I got inspired and pulled all the weeds from the driveway cracks. There were a LOT. They were so tall I’d been mowing them. Sheesh! I left them to shrivel overnight and went inside just in time for dinner. What a nice day! It had the perfect mix of productivity and social stuff.

I was back in laundry mode on Sunday and talked to my sister and Connie between knitting and chores. I did a bunch of food prep for the week, completely cleaning out the refrigerator in the process. The shelves were a sticky mess so all came out and got washed in the sink. I already had a big bag of veg scraps for Lori’s chickens then added to it after the frig clean so I called Lori after dinner (steak and broccoli with a small serving of illicit tabbouleh) to see if I could drop the bag off since I didn’t want to put it back in my clean frig. After a quick stop there (the mosquitos were brutal so no hanging outside) I was home for the night. I almost filled my trash can with the driveway crap but pulled more beggar’s tick to fill it up then headed inside. I finished the problem mittens Andrea had helped me with and started neatizing for the cleaning lady, who comes Tuesday. It was the last night to sleep with the windows open so I took a shower and went to bed, happy with my progress.

I’m going into another travel week so was happy with the prep I’d done for the week. Once I finish cleaning lady prep, the house will be as good as it gets and I’ll be ready for Labor Day weekend in the Black Hills. You doing anything fun for the holiday? Have a good week.

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