Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Week 33 - Home from Denver

I woke up way earlier than Amanda and Rene so after waiting awhile, I got dressed and walked to Starbuck’s for a coffee. I enjoyed that while knitting/streaming until they woke up. We packed in minutes, checked out and headed to the Denver Botanic Garden, eating granola bars in the car and calling it breakfast. The gardens were beautiful and the weather was perfect. We strolled around, enjoying it all until our stomachs complained so we had an early lunch in the café overlooking the water lily pool. More perfection. After a stop in the gift shop, we headed to the airport. We returned the car and then had an hour to kill so I taught Amanda to knit while we sat at the gate. She took to it immediately and the time flew, as it often does while knitting. It was another uneventful flight and I walked into my house just before 8:00 pm.

It was a wonderful trip and we had been discussing where to go next before we even got home. In that discussion, Amanda and I realized that we were both going to The Black Hills for Labor Day weekend. Since I was leery of driving my car so far through such unpopulated, no cell reception territory, Amanda offered to car pool. Eureka! I will be taking half a vacation day to meet her after lunch at her house and we’ll drive up together. She’s excited to have an adult to talk to (her 5 year old will be in the back seat) and to share gas expense. I’m excited to not have to drive, which means I can knit the whole time. And since Connie will have to drive to Hot Springs to pick me up, we decided to stay there Friday night so we can explore the southern hills on Saturday before heading to Spearfish. It all works out nicely. Life is good!

Since all I’d worn in Colorado was play clothes and I had just enough undies to make it through the work week, I opted not to do laundry when I got home Monday night. I was feeling great post-trip and was super productive at work and even ran errands over lunches, getting an oil change on Tuesday and scoring some new clothes at my thrifts on Wednesday. Wednesday I ran more errands on the way home then did a long overdue mow and so it was clear sailing to the weekend when I could do my laundry and catch up on everything that was behind from being away. The weather had even continued to be nice so I didn’t have to turn on the AC until Thursday night. And it wouldn’t be on for long because it was going to cool down again on the weekend. Yay!

I barely left the house on the weekend, staying inside and actually enjoying catching up on things. While I love to travel, no matter how fun the trip is, it’s always good to get home. And I was more than ready to start my next rotation, which I did on Saturday instead of waiting until Monday. I had gained some weight, both water and fat, in Denver so had that to lose and was just wanting to be eating clean again. I felt better immediately and looked forward to losing more weight. What a great week! Starting on vacation with friends and ending on a healthy note were the bookends of my week. : )

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