Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Week 34 - Drug Free Week

The week was all about my colonoscopy, which was still a week away. The problem was I had to stop taking my anti-inflammatory a week before the procedure. I cheated (it felt like it anyway) and took one Monday morning, which meant I had no pain on Monday. Just Monday. Good thing there was no swimming this week.

By Tuesday morning, I was stiff stiff stiff. Everything was uncomfortable – from walking to typing. But the good news was after I worked through the pain/stiffness, I limbered up and could keep going without a problem. Tuesday night was our annual water aerobics cookout at Anne’s, which she has during the week we have no classes. It’s always nice to chat with people out of the pool. The food was good, the company better and I left at exactly the right time. Drug free day 1 ended on a high note.

The good news was it wasn’t any worse on Wednesday morning. I had been dreading this week, thinking it’d be worse every day. I was SO happy that wasn’t the case. It was tempered when I stopped at the pharmacy after work to pick up my prep and it was $70 out of pocket, despite the Rx coverage I have. Sheesh! As if the whole process wasn’t bad enough.

I made it through the rest of the week just fine but passed on going to an auction in Iowa with Andrea on Saturday. Between the blazing heat that had set in earlier in the week and most likely having to stand for the duration, I stayed home instead. I did put the time to good use though. I met Darla just after 7:00 for breakfast and then we slogged through an entire room of clothes, filling her truck with bags and taking them to Goodwill. We had grand plans for a movie but were so exhausted that we bailed. Since I'd be fasting Sunday, I went home and made a nice lunch. I spent the rest of the day knitting and watching TV before making a nice supper - my last meal for a couple of days.

I started Sunday getting dressed and heading to the gas station for diet coke in an attempt to ward off a caffeine withdrawal headache. It worked. I got through the day eating just a bit of orange jello, which gave me indigestion so I stopped even that. I started drinking the prep at 5:15, using my fabulous new orange glass, a gift from Darla bought just for the occasion. Unfortunately it didn’t start working until 8:00. This made me worried for the second round I was supposed to start 3 hours before my appointment, which meant 3:30 a.m. But that was clearly not going to be enough time based on round 1 so I went to bed early to grab whatever sleep I could. What a way to end the week. Stay tuned for the colonoscopy update.

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