Friday, August 2, 2013

Week 30 - Storing Up Energy

It was the first week of fiscal year end closing meetings, which is the busiest time of my work year. I did manage to fit some fun in but by the end of the week, the pressure was on.

The week started with Nora working from home with a sick kid. Why would this matter? Because when she’s working from home, the emails and phone calls fly as she slogs through her to do list uninterrupted. This means I spend a lot of time following up on things she’s sent and the day flies by. Not bad for the start of a busy week.

The highlight of the week at work was the 4th Floor Brownie Smackdown on Wednesday, which I coordinated. This was something we’d talked about doing last summer but never got around to and this year it was on. It all started with Layton (my Friday lunch friend from HR) and Beth (SAP security person) boasting that they made the best brownies so the entertainment committee (Lacey and I) decided to put it to the test. We bought a huge tub of vanilla ice cream from The Dairy Store and put out the call for brownies. There were twelve different varieties, which I cut up into 1” squares and everyone got to vote. Beth won but my favorite was my old boss from HR’s – Grandma Fischer’s Firecracker Brownies. They were perfect in my opinion but were not the group’s fave. Oh well. I got the recipe and will be making my own pan soon.

Between lunch with Dodie at Noodles, the brownie smackdown and pedicures with Darla after work, Wednesday was a banner day. The weather had broken too so it was much cooler. I turned off the AC and happily opened up the house. Thursday brought thrift shopping over lunch with Darla and a nice evening at home because I never read the book club book so skipped. Life’s too short to read books you’re not into.

The closing meetings started on Friday so the mad reporting push had begun. After lunch with Layton, I started formatting The Big Spreadsheet, which has every cost center on City Campus and takes hours to prepare. Mary wanted it a week earlier than usual but that worked for me because Friday afternoon flew by.

I didn’t have many plans for the weekend, which worked for me. I was starting the day off Saturday with vet appointments for all five cats. I had 2 shifts – 8:45 and 10:45. I would see who I could catch and bring them whenever. Well, I got Tilde, Tot and Wrennie in the first wave and wisely asked for a sedative for Pie, which I put in some food as soon as I got home and she ate it all. It mellowed her out enough that I was able to get her in the carrier. Pixel was a pill but after a bit of a struggle and a big scratch on my arm, I got her in too. I think this was the first time I’ve ever gotten them all in on the same day, which is great because now their shots are all on the same schedule. After grabbing some lunch, I headed to Dollar General where I had a $5 off $25 and a stack of coupons. I restocked all my cleaning supplies and got them all put away and the house cleaned that afternoon. All in all, it was a good Saturday.

I had big plans for Sunday and the weather was GORGEOUS! Too bad my energy didn’t coincide with the free day and nice weather. I struggled to get anything productive done, only going outside to transplant a single houseplant later in the day and that was only because I felt guilty for wasting the day. But at the end of it, I did do some cooking and figured I could use all the untapped energy for the coming week, which would be a doozie. How’s that for rationalization? : )

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