Monday, August 19, 2013

Week 33 - Productive and Cool

It felt like fall this week, with high temps barely making it into the 70’s most days. I LOVED it! I did a lot of mid-week cooking and having the oven on actually felt good. Cool weather is always welcome in my world.

Work was busy in a good way. I dug into a big project that kept me engaged and busy for days but with no pressure. Perfect! The days flew by and other than knitting on Monday and swimming on Tuesday, I went straight home every night. I was in use it up mode with all of the produce I’d gotten from my generous friends – cukes, squash and peppers. I still have sweet corn to use, which was left in my car by my friend’s husband while I shopped at The Warehouse. Most people are trying to get rid of zucchini but in Nebraska it’s sweet corn. Such a problem. : )

This was my last weekend taking my anti-inflammatory because I have to go a week without it before my colonoscopy. With that in mind, I got anything done that required physical activity, figuring I’ll be in a world of hurt by mid-week. I started outside on Saturday morning, weeding the parking (that’s what the strip between the sidewalk and street is called here) while Devin from next door mowed. If he hadn’t been available, I was going to do it myself for the first time this year. Then I planted some fall veggies before heading in for a shower and lunch before starting inside chores. I got the kitchen cleaned up and all the pots and pans from my mid-week cooking binge done and even had time to dye some sock yarn before the day was done. I finished with a nice dinner, a chat with Connie and Django Unchained, which was good but bloody and long. So long that didn’t finish it before heading to bed.

I had lots of options for Sunday and considered picking blackberries but decided instead to head downstairs and reclaim the laundry room. But that got delayed by more cooking – brownies, blueberry cake, sausage and peppers and potato salad. That done, I headed downstairs and got everything organized – the Christmas stuff is back under the stairs, the piles are gone and I even discovered some clothes I forgot I had that I could wear yet this summer. I finished the day watching Masterpiece Theatre and finishing a pair of fingerless mitts for a swap gift.

So it was one of those weekends where I never left the house but got lots done, which was my goal so I can go into the meloxicam free week with most things looking good. The frig is full of food for the week and the chores are done. Good thing I have my close parking spot because I may be using my cane by the end of the week. Wish me luck.

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