Sunday, September 9, 2012

Week 36 - Finished with Sitting

I woke up Monday with cold symptoms but not anything bad enough to take anything. I decided to ignore it and wait to see if it developed into anything. It was no worse by the end of the day and I headed to knitting.

Tuesday was my first day back in the pool. There was lots of stuff I didn’t do but moving in water was all good. I was a bit concerned about getting out of the pool but braved it and it was fine. When I stopped at the market on the way home, my legs felt like noodles and it was all I could do to walk to the milk case in the back. Driving home was uncomfortable too but I was still glad I went.

I felt better Wednesday – limber and my knee was no worse. I still felt like my hamstring was tight as a drum, which made me limp after I’d been sitting too long. Wednesday was my last day with the handicapped pass, which I’d loved. When parking right outside my building, I could run an errand at lunch and be back in an hour, which was nice. I’d gone to lunch with Darla on Tuesday and Nora and I were taking Bob, the temp facilities programmer who had been my back up cat feeder and whose last day was Friday, to lunch at Green Gateau. He’s the nicest man and we had a lovely lunch. I had a Husker Cats meeting after work, planning for trapping at State Fair Park. Then it was home for an evening of knitting and watching Breaking Bad. Odd combo but it worked.

I parked as far from my building as I could get (should have left the house sooner) so had a long walk for my first day of normal parking. I was exhausted and dripping sweat by the time I got to my office and felt like my leg was made of lead. Then I walked to Panera t lunch with Dodie so I was really giving my leg a workout. I was worried that I wouldn’t want to swim if I walked to my car after work so I hitched a ride to my car with a co-worker when she left at 4:00 and parked at a meter so I could swim. More of the same – not doing half the moves but happy to be moving again. And I wasn’t as tired afterwards. Progress!

Layton and I had lunch at the Chinese buffet on Friday and the afternoon flew as I prepped for running monthly reports. Nora told us we could leave early – only 15 minutes but still nice. I was looking forward to the long weekend. Duh!

I had a totally lazy weekend. I did run the monthly reports from home on Saturday morning but otherwise just sat and knitted. I always cast on new socks on the first of the month so watched TV and knitted all day Saturday and Sunday. I had a big to do list but just couldn’t muster the effort to do any of it. Having Monday to catch up with everything was a disincentive to get busy. Oh well. It was nice to relax and I’d do it all on Monday. It was Labor Day after all. : )

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