Monday, August 27, 2012

Week 35 - Better Every Day

It was another week on my bum knee – no swimming and lots of sitting and knitting. But it felt better every day so it was all worth it.

I took advantage of parking right outside the door to run to Wal Mart over lunch to pick up a few things. It’s nice to not fight the crowds, walking with a cart helps (my mom was right about that – who knew?) and with no walk to and from the car, I was back at my desk in 45 minutes. It almost makes me want to pay the big bucks to get a close spot. Almost. Anyway, after work I stopped at Lorri’s to give her the pillow I’d bought her in RI (matched her family room perfectly!) and was home in time for dinner before knitting. There were just two of us but it was fun anyway. Andrea is due back Tuesday so there’ll be more of us next week.

Darla and I went to HyVee for lunch on Tuesday. I wanted salad but we just happened to hit 99 cent pizza day so we had a slice and salad bar for $7.24. Such a deal! This may have to be our day for lunch but Darla will have to drive once my handicapped pass expires. Nicki and I did a training session with the Help Desk staff in the afternoon that ran long so I just got back in time to pick up my purse and leave. Nice. No news about the evening – sitting, knitting and TV.

Layton was turning the Big 50 on Friday and was taking the day off so we were doing lunch on Wednesday instead. We went to The Red Fox. Uninspired choice but cheap, good and fast. I slammed through my to do list at work and then headed home to watch Breaking Bad (2nd DVD of season 4) and knit. I finished my fugly test knit socks (the ones that don’t match because the designer changed the charts after I was done with sock #1) and am glad they’re done.

My knee was feeling better every day and Tuesday was the last day I used the cane because I was starting to get pains and twinges (couldn’t feel the tips of 2 toes) because using the cane is walking funny for another reason. So I was taking it slow and trying to walk normally. I also figured out why my knee hurt more at work – the CPU under my desk was preventing me from extending my leg so it was sore and stiff every time I got up. A big of under the desk reconfiguring worked but I still tend to sit with my legs tucked under my chair so need to make a conscious effort go keep it straighter. I walked to Noodles for lunch with Dodie and paid the price for that though – stiff knee, hamstring issues and fatigue, which was probably more from sleep issues but I was still ready for more sitting and knitting that night. Having finished my socks, I actually started my Christmas knitting way ahead of normal.

Darla and I had rescheduled our thrift run to lunch since I wasn’t eating with Layton but then Nora needed to move her car so came along. Darla and I do the store in 15 minutes flat but Nora took longer, checking for clothes for her kids. We got BK and then headed back. The afternoon flew by and the weekend was here. It had rained a bit on Friday and was due to rain all day on Saturday. I was excited for our first rainy day in 2+ months.

In addition to the rain, I was going to see Andrea for the first time in a month. We were doing an Omaha run to restock our frigs and catch up. I had to run to the post office in the morning to mail out some yarn (swaps) and then Andrea came to get me at 1:00. We had a list and added things as we went, hitting Staples, Penzey’s and the brewing store before stopping for pedicures at a random nail salon we found in the first strip mall we checked. Andrea had camping feet but mine were fine from my pedi in RI two weeks ago. I went dark sparkly purple this time, which totally brings back 80’s Prince memories. The 80’s are coming back you know. Shocking! Then it was on to Trader Joe’s and finally a specific HyVee where I’d been told they had Summer Punch flavor, which is a darker blue than their other blue flavors. I bought 50 packets and now it’s time to get dyeing. Can’t wait. But I digress…. By the time we got to Waho, it was after 7:00. I put away the cold stuff and left the rest on the floor, along with anything else I’d bought that week. Lame! I’d done a lot of walking though and needed to rest my knee. But at least I’d done it. See? Better every day.

I needed to do a ton of chores on Sunday – laundry, dishes, changing cat boxes, general neatizing…. a big list. But Lori’s (one R) sister was in town and she’d invited us out to meet her so I called before noon and arranged to pick Andrea up and head out there for a bit. I brought all my cone wool and my winder so I could load them up for their new felting obsession. We stayed long enough to wind 2 cakes of every color I had then did a tour of the chickens and garden before heading home. We had planned to be home by 1:00 but it was more like 1:30. Still plenty of time for chores. After a hot dog lunch, I got busy. I interspersed sitting/knitting with the chores and got just about everything done before the end of the day.

All in all, it was a good week. My knee was better every day, I’d gotten lots of knitting done (including 2 presents already) and felt like my house was back in order again. Now to get back in the pool. Wish me luck.

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