Sunday, September 9, 2012

Week 37 - Knee's Getting Better

Having spent the previous 2 days sitting on my butt, I got busy first thing on Monday. I blazed through my to do list in 30 minute spurts, which was about all my leg could take. My thigh was still in a knot and I was really over it. I kept stretching it but to no avail. I was going to have to see the doctor again and figure this out. Anyway, the plan had been for Andrea to host knitting but when she called in the early afternoon to ask what she should set her AC on (it was blazing hot outside and she didn’t have it on yet!), I said my house was already cool so if she called people, I would host knitting. I was just about to jump in the shower when Jan arrived so that didn’t happen. Andrea and Lori came minutes later and we had fun. It was nice to not have to be done at 8:00 like at the library.

Tuesday was deans reports day, which is always interesting on the first run of the fiscal year. It was going OK with just a few problems here and there so the day was over in a flash. I went swimming and then home.

I went in late Wednesday because I’d forgotten to pay my house taxes, which were due at the end of August, so I was at the courthouse firs thing. I stopped for donuts before parking at Journalism and then went in to keep at the monthly reports. I was slogging through them when Nora came in with Phil from Budget to say that there had been a big mistake and we’d have to rerun about half of the reports, which was not good so far from the 1st. But I didn’t let it get to me and headed downstairs to teach the online reconciliation class I’d rescheduled from when I blew out my knee. Not the best timing but better now than then. I hadn’t planned to swim on Wednesday but when I found out there’d be a volley ball game on Thursday, which always makes for iffy parking, I decided to go. I needed it after the day I’d had.

I was doing lunch with Layton on Thursday and there was yet another mess up on the reports. Not my error but I still had to rerun a bunch again and worked with the programmers on a third problem. This was getting old! I headed towards the pool on Thursday, sure I wouldn’t find a spot but then I did. So I was in the pool for the third night in a row, still picking and choosing what moves I’d do. Well, I was in the deep end doing my own thing while the group did something I couldn’t, when there was a pop in my knee. At first I was scared but then I realized it felt better. I thought maybe my knee had straightened out but couldn’t tell until I got out of the water. Well, my knee wasn’t straight but all the tension in my thigh muscle was gone. I felt like a new woman! Yippee! I went home to dinner and knitting, happy that my leg was better.

Friday was more of the same – struggling to tie the reports and finding even more problems. I was still OK in the morning, slogging along. Darla and I had planned to thrift over lunch but first I had to pick up keys to the State Fair Park building for the people who would be trapping cats there on Saturday. Darla ran in to get them while I circled the block but when she got back in the car, she said she was hungry and wanted to get lunch instead of shopping. So we parked and went to Lazlo’s, where we split gloppy nachos, sliders and a chocolate brownie ice cream sundae. Yum! I don’t’ know if it was being full or what but when I got back to my desk, I had totally lost my patience with the reports. At that point it was tedious, manual work and I was cranky and disheartened. I started down my list and got a few done but then just had had enough and stopped just after 4:00. I couldn’t do another thing. I dinked on my computer until 5:00 then IM’d Darla to see if she still wanted to thrift and she did so off we went. I found some Pyrex but nothing else. It was still fun and a nice way to start the weekend.

I ran errands on Saturday morning, starting at the library then to the bank to do deposits before hitting the bag sale at the senior center thrift shop. I was late getting there but still hit pay dirt, filling 3 bags – 1 for Andrea, 1 for Anne and a 3rd for me. I also found some fun linens and kitchen stuff. I went right from there to Andrea’s shop and she liked everything I’d bought her except one thing, which wasn’t bad considering. I got home after 1:00 and started my laundry. With my leg feeling better, I could get more done between sitting and so had a productive afternoon then got more done on Sunday, ending the day with lots of cooking so I’d have food for the week. The weather was gorgeous so I even got some weeds cut in the yard. It was a good weekend after an icky work week. Let’s hope work it better this coming week.

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