Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Week 32 - What Fresh Heck!

What a week! It was the final week of fiscal year end and I was leaving from work on Friday afternoon so had to be packed and ready by 7:00 a.m. on Friday. Can we spell STRESS boys and girls?

So with such a busy week, you’d think I’d try to keep my evenings clear. Yeah, right. I swam after work on Monday, which was a typical year end day of slamming to prep things (which covers every day of the week, regardless of how far ahead I thought I was before it started) but left the pool 15 minutes early so I could go home and grab some dinner before knitting. When I got home, I finished the lace scarf I’d been working on and then stayed up late blocking it so I could enter it in the fair the next night, adding lack of sleep to the mix. Smart!

I slogged through my scrapbooks before work, pulling 2 to fill in the last spots on my entry sheets (yes, I’m just anal enough to want to fill both of the sheets so when I only had 10 knitting entries, I had to find 2 more) and threw them in the bag to take to work. I filled the tags out over lunch at work and then left at 4:30 to have time to stop home to pick up the now dry scarf before heading to the fair to volunteer checking in 4H entries. There were more entries than last year (drought beats cool summer in the gardening world apparently) so the time flew by. I ran out during a lull and handed over my entries to the Open Class people. I ate a bowl of cheerios when I got home at 8:30 and actually went to bed at a decent hour. The fair pressure was over. Now on to trip prep.

I started the day Wednesday casting on some new socks (the first day of the month usually means new socks for my Ravelry group) that were a test knit for a new designer. Fun!. After work I swam then stopped at the fair to check out my ribbons. My scarf had won a purple ribbon - best in lot. I was thrilled! It was one of those projects where I found the perfect pattern for the yarn and it came out beautiful. One of my thrown in scrapbooks also won a purple. Nice! Happy, I went home to start getting ready for RI. I had a list of chores to do Wednesday that would leave me with only laundry, packing and changing boxes on Thursday. I was bone tired but finished the list just after 10:00 and collapsed into bed.

I had intended to swim Thursday too but ended up staying enough late at work that it wasn’t worth suiting up. That ended being a good thing because things took longer than I thought on Thursday night but by the end I was packed and things were well in hand to be gone for a week.

Since the books had closed Thursday night thereby making year end official, I had hoped for some down time on Friday to get my desk cleared up from the whirlwind weeks I’d just finished but no such luck. I was still prepping spreadsheets and the pace was no different. I was leaving for the airport at 2:00 and was still planning on lunch with Layton at 11:30. Well, he wasn’t going to be ready until noon and I was so stressed knowing I had more to do when I got back that I was a mess at lunch and didn’t enjoy a bite. There were scads of people in town for Husker Fan Day so the restaurant was mobbed but our regular waitress took our order when I caught her between tables and got our food to us in minutes. None of this helped. I was still a mess. We made it back to campus in record time but by then I was near tears. Mary saw my distress and said Josh could do the last thing on my list and they sent me off early. Of course I still took the time to clean up my desk and do out of office stuff so left for Eppley on time – 2:00. There were no incidents getting there and as soon as I was sitting at the gate, it’s like fiscal year end never happened. I was 100% in vacation mode. The flights were uneventful and I even enjoyed a yummy burrito during my layover. Unfortunately it was hotter than hell when I got to RI. Had I not suffered enough?

I had made no plans at all for the trip except to see Sharyn on Saturday because she was going to be leaving for Maine on Sunday so it was my only chance. But when Sharyn emailed to say she’d messed up (purely her husband’s fault I hear) and would not be going away until the next weekend, we opted to stick with our original plan to pick her up and head to a yarn/fabric store in Franklin, MA (something I’d found on Ravelry.) Well, they had NO AC and it was hotter than Hades in the old mill building. We didn’t linger there and asked for lunch recommendations, deciding on a local cafĂ©. Now it had SOME AC but not enough. We were just worn out and tired from the heat by the time lunch was done. We trudged on through, stopping at The Christmas Tree Shop (cooler still but still not enough), Tuesday Morning (even cooler) and then Goodwill (the coolest of the three but we were so hot at this point that a walk in freezer wouldn’t have been cool enough.) After picking up some Del’s (frozen lemonade) and a quick stop at Sharyn’s, we headed home to the blissfully cool AC, stopping for swordfish for supper on the way. I took a shower and got into my veg clothes. After a yummy dinner of swordfish and broccoli, we watched the Olympics and decided that we wouldn’t leave the house on Sunday because it was going to be just as putrid outside.

What a great call! Matt and Aaron had a scout event so we had a nice, quiet day of knitting and watching movies. Carolyn made yummy pasta for dinner, using up bit and bobs from the frig. She is an amazing cook. The best part of the day was the rain that came through just before bed. It was bringing cooler weather for Monday and I actually went outside and stood in it for a bit. I haven’t seen or felt rain in months and it was a treat. With nothing but fun and relaxation in store, I went to bed happy and slept like a baby. Life is good doesn’t begin to cover it this week.

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