Sunday, August 26, 2012

Week 34 - My Blown Knee

I woke up with my knee hurting. Duh. The bum knee was clearly going to be the theme for the week.

The first order of business was to get in to the doctor. I called at 9:00 and after a bit of back and forth, the called to say if I got there at 12:30, they’d fit me in despite the doctor being fully book. Connie and Gordy were driving to Lincoln to meet Rachele so I could get there. I then called Helen, who was working until 5:30 so I could get a ride home with her. So I packed up my knitting, iPad and a book and headed to Lincoln, stopping at Walgreen’s to pick up some crackers and a bottle of water on the way.

I was in the office by 11:30, knitting and waiting to be called in, which happened pretty quickly – 12:30. They did x-rays, which showed that my knee had collapsed on one side and I need a cortisone shot. I got the shot and was hobbling to the pharmacy to wait out the afternoon in the conference room. It was a perfectly pleasant afternoon. They were having a food day so Helen brought me a plate of yummy lunch and another of desserts. She brought me a big bag of ice and I spent the afternoon knitting and watching TV on my iPad, comfortable with my knee up on a chair. Not much different from what I would be doing at home. Helen even brought me a coffee in the afternoon. Aside from the pain of walking to the car, it wasn’t bad at all. It’s good to have family to count on.

I had thawed chicken breasts that morning and Connie was supposed to buy salad greens and come home and fix them for dinner. But she called at 4:00 to say they were going to a 4:30 showing of Batman, which was nearly 3 hours long so I didn’t expect to see her before 8:00. Helen stayed for a bit when she dropped me off, getting the laundry up from the basement and setting me up for the evening with ice for my knee. When the phone rang at 7:15, it was Lori calling from the library where she and Anne Marie were knitting. They wanted to come to me, which was great. Helen left and they arrived to knit with me, staying until ~8:15. Still no Connie. I gave up at 8:30 and poured a bowl of cheerios for dinner. Connie finally called at 8:45 in a pissy mood from the market, where she was picking up milk for me. No need for the greens. They’d gone out after the movie. Nice.

They came in at 9:30, at which point Gordy went to be and Connie said they had forgotten the leaf for the table they’d picked up from Rachele so she was on her way with it. She stayed until 11:00. Good thing I hadn’t done anything all day and so wasn’t too tired.

My knee was some better in the morning and I was able to pick up the kitchen a bit before Connie and Gordy got up. They pretty much packed up and left so I was on my own. I just sat and knitted, refilling my ice when I got up to use the bathroom. I worked with Josh on some queries via phone but it was otherwise an uneventful day. The recommendation was to ice and elevate for 48 hours after the shot so I was aiming to go to work Wednesday afternoon. To see how I’d do, I drove over to Anne Marie’s to pick up Andrew, who was going to find and dispose of the dead animal in the garage. It turned out to be a possum. Good riddance. And there was something dead under the deck too but it was just beginning to smell and Andrew couldn’t see under the deck to find it. Anyway, I paid him $20 for the nasty job and drove him home. I survived the clutching so I’d be good to go on Wednesday.

My knee was even better Wednesday so I took a shower, got dressed and headed to campus. It was good to be back at work. I survived the afternoon and then met Kate, who was driving to Anne’s for pizza and knitting. I did OK and figured it was no more strenuous than sitting at home. It was a nice evening and Anne sent me home with leftover pizza and cookies for lunch on Thursday. Then I stopped on the way home and bought a can at Walgreen’s. It was time to lose the crutches.

My knee felt even better on Thursday. It was still far from straight, which was giving me hamstring cramps, but it was no longer painful to put weight on it. Yay! Dodie and I brought lunch (thanks Anne!) and ate at the tables in front of the library so I didn’t have to walk. The time at work was flying as I was catching up, which was a good thing because I hadn’t been sleeping well and was exhausted.

Friday was more of the same. The knee was better, I was tired and time was flying. Saturday was Dye Day at Gina’s in Fremont and I was leading it. I got up Saturday and made taboulleh then started gathering supplies. I was at Gina’s at 10:45 and had a fun time. Not many people dyed, which worked out because I didn’t have to stand very long. The food and company was great too. It felt good to be out in the world again.

By Sunday I was able to get some chores done and reclaimed my house from the mess of not being mobile. I could start the new week with everything in order. Nice. And if my knee kept getting better every day, I’d be back to “normal” soon. I live in hope.

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