Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Week 29 - Our Endless Summer

It was another week of blazing heat and doing everything in my power to avoid sweating. This was not easy because I was suffering from hot flashes again and so brought my own heat with me. Sheesh!

I started the work week with allocations. I was under the gun to get them done Monday so that I could run the utilities bill on Tuesday. If the allocations weren’t done, it would mean a ton of manual work for the Facilities business office, which I wouldn’t wish on anyone so I was motivated. Unfortunately I didn’t get one of the things I needed to get them done until noon so I slammed through that over lunch and then worked like a banshee to get them in. They were posted minutes before 5:00. Talk about a day that flew by! Then it was swimming and right to the library for knitting. Yee ha!

Tuesday dawned and it wasn’t as hot. The humidity was gone and I was OK. Until I wasn’t. Just getting ready in my well air conditioned house started me sweating bullets. By the time I left the house, my head was dripping. Picture this – me driving down highway 77 at 70 mph with my head hanging out of the window like a dog. Yup. That was me. It felt like heaven and my only complaint was I couldn’t cool the other side of my head. It worked though. I was considerably cooler by the time I hit I-80.

I started the cutest pair of Mary Jane baby booties that morning and finished the first one at lunch sitting at a picnic table. Yes, outside! I showed it to Cheryl (they’re for her granddaughter, who is due next week) and the consensus was it was too small so I ripped it out. Since Tuesday is my non-swimming night, I went right home after work and cranked out both before bedtime. They were cute as can be.

I had to meet my boss at her mechanics at 7:45 so there was no dilly dallying on Wednesday morning. I had lunch with Darla at the dorms and then left early so I could drop Mary back to pick up her car. Then it was on the hairdresser for me. I had made the appointment Tuesday morning while recovering from my hot flash and so when I left the hairdresser at 6:00, my hair was summer short. Not a minute too soon. I was jonesin’ for nachos so when I saw Andrea’s car in the dental office parking lot, I convinced her we needed to go to the Mexican restaurant across the street for dinner and margueritas. She was game so off we went. The nachos were pretty lame but the marguerita was icy and delicious. One was all it took and I was done for the night. When I compare how looped I get from one drink with what I’d consume in the average week during college…. I’m getting old. Getting. I’m not there yet.

Thursday was the annual sale at the Birkenstock store. Since the downtown store is closed for construction, I had planned to skip the sale but when Nora said she wanted to go and would drive, I couldn’t say no. The south store is tiny compared to downtown so the usual mob scene was amplified by the tight quarters. But I still managed to find the perfect Birks in tan. They even had soft footbeds. Since I had bought 2 pairs of not quite right sandals, I was thrilled to get them. I’m glad I had such a successful lunch because after swimming, I had the exact opposite.

All I was looking for was a simple pair of infant socks with a lace on the cuff to go with the Mary Janes. I had tried to get them in Wahoo with no luck so decided I’d stop at ShopKo after swimming. When I struck out there, I headed to Wal Mart where I’d been assured they had them. Well I found some with pink tulle – not exactly what I wanted but I bought them. Then it was on to 3 more stores, all with no luck. At least I returned one pair of the reject sandals and bought some cat food but still didn’t have the socks I wanted. I got home after 8:00, had a bowl of cheerios for supper and called Nora for some sock tips. I still had Target to check in the morning before work but if I couldn’t get them there, Nora said she’d stop at the mall for me after dropping the kids at day care. It’s good to have friends.

I was at Target at 7:45 Friday morning. Target opens at 8:00! So I drove to campus (40 blocks east), fed my cats, got my coffee and then headed back. Of course they didn’t have them either. Holy crap! I called Nora but she wasn’t coming in because she had to take Drew to the doctors so I gave the Mary Janes to Cheryl along with the pink laced socks. Damn! At least I tried though. Next time I see the perfect lacey socks, I’m going to buy them for the next time. Damn skippy.

I was excited for the day to be over because I had Monday off and a free weekend ahead of me. I had a vet appointment with Tot on Saturday at 9:30, which got me up, dressed and out of the house. When I got home, I went downstairs and started on the craft room. I spent about four hours down there over the course of the day and went through every box, tote and basket, ending with a craft ready room. Yay! Sunday found me downstairs doing a bit more sorting and then I made myself a book bag. It felt good to be sewing and clearly I have enough materials to sew for years without buying a thing. When I went to lock the side door at bedtime Sunday, it was still locked because I’d never left the house. And I didn’t have to go to work the next day. Isn’t life grand!

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