Monday, July 23, 2012

Week 30 - My Meloxicam Experiment

So, I’ve been taking meloxicam (an anti-inflammatory) for a couple of years – pretty much since my knee problems started. Several times I’ve planned to stop taking it to see whether I still needed it but then didn’t. Well, I got up Monday morning and decided that was the day. I was home that day and was pretty much going to be cooking and doing chores that I hadn’t gotten done over the weekend. It was a nice, relaxing day and my knee was fine.

Still fine on Tuesday. Darla and I went thrifting after work so I got home at 7:00 (same as if I’d gone swimming) and despite having dinner ready to nuke, I couldn’t face even heating it up and so had cheerios for dinner. Did I mention the blazing heat? Now THAT was painful.

Wednesday was food day, which was fun but despite that, it was a cranky day for me. I just had a bad attitude from the start and it lasted all day. I had baked muffins in the morning and had the sprinkler going on my veg beds. When I got to work, I couldn’t remember if I’d turned the off so called Lorri and asked her to go out in the heat and check. It was off. Damn good thing but am I losing my mind? I swam but Wednesdays are NOT fun in the pool (we share the shallow end with 20-30 kids having swim lessons) and my knee was starting to be problematic. Not pain yet but I could feel it with every movement. More cheerios for dinner and I watched Moneyball. I could only hope the cranky would be cured by a good night’s sleep.

My bad attitude was much improved on Thursday but my knee was definitely worse. I could feel it (discomfort rather than pain) with every step and now my ankle was bothering me too. I had lunch at the dorms with Anne and Darla and then swam again after work. It was deep water so less problematic. And yes, I had cheerios AGAIN for supper. This has got to stop!

By Friday everything hurt – my knee, my ankle, my thumbs (from knitting) and my shoulder was twinging too. Crap! By the end of the day, I felt like my whole body was falling apart. It was even hotter on Friday (triple digits) and I just wanted to go home but forced myself to hit the grocery store (I HAD to get TP!) and then scored some fun yarn and a sweater to rip apart for the yarn at Goodwill. Then I went home, made fresh Brussels sprouts and had dinner for the first time since Monday. I was done with cheerios!

Other than watering my neighbors and my plants, I had no intention of leaving the house over the weekend. Since there was no way I could live with myself if I didn’t get something productive done, I spent Saturday afternoon reclaiming my spare bedroom, where the bed was pile 2 feet high with crap. Well really mostly yarn so not crap but it still looked awful. When I was done with that, I had a few piles around the house to put away but the bed was clear. Yay! Then I tackled the desk, going through all the paper. All that done, I ate dinner and went to bed feeling pretty good about myself. And since I’d caved and started taking meloxicam in the morning, my body even felt a bit better.

I spent Sunday morning on the phone, finally making some plans for my RI trip and then went out for BK for lunch. Afterwards, I watered all the plants and started schlepping the piles to where they belonged. I was SO overheated by the time I was done that I had to rest. It was 105 outside. I did venture out to hang some laundry a bit later but I’d cooled down by then so was OK. Andrea came over later in the afternoon and I made sausage and peppers to go with the potato salad (her mom’s recipe is SO yummy) she brought. We knitted and chatted for a couple of hours, which was a pleasant way to end the week. It was supposed to be Masterpiece Theatre then bed but I started a new knitting project and so stayed up later than I should have. Nothing new there.

There’s hope for some cooler weather (low 90’s, which ridiculously will feel great) and as the meds reach a therapeutic level in my body, I should feel better too. It’s fiscal year end closing meetings this coming week so I can use all the help I can get. Wish me luck.

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