Monday, May 2, 2011

Week 18 - Chick Shopping Trip

It was another busy week, both at work and home. At the start of the week, I had something scheduled every night but it was followed by a wide open weekend in which to recoup. I was confident I’d survive.

On Monday I had lunch my old friend Polly. We’d worked together in HR but I’d only seen her once since she left campus ~8 years ago. It was like old home week! We sat down and talked like we’d seen each other last week, which was wonderful. She’s back on campus at a temp job and hopefully will find something long-term. Add in Monday night knitting and it was a wonderful day.

Andrea had invited me for lamb stew on Tuesday night so I headed there after swimming and grabbing a few things (for me and Andrea) at the grocery store. I didn’t get there until 7:30 and left at 9:30. It had been fun and the food was yummy but it made for a long day. I was supposed to go to the movies with Nancy on Wednesday, which we’d planned weeks ago, but I was feeling pretty tired when I woke up and so called and asked if we could postpone it a week since the movie was still there next week and there would be no swimming. Nancy was game, which meant I could swim and go home, which felt wonderful.

Thursday was all about gardening. I started the day at the Hort Club plant sale on East Campus, which had gorgeous plants this year. I bought the more beautiful geraniums, my tomatoes and lots of fun annuals. I brought them into my office so they wouldn’t cook in the car and had the pleasure of smelling lavender and seeing plants all day. The after work I had a Master Gardener dinner in Fremont to meet the new extension educator who would be coordinating our program. I made a bee line home and Lorri picked me up minutes later. It was a fun night and Natalia is a hoot! She gave us a pop quiz, asked us about some of her new ideas and then did a slide show of some of the botanic gardens where she had worked. It was a fun night but another long day.

The end of the work day Friday was not pretty. I had one of those doubting myself moments and there was no one there to bounce anything off. I tried Mary but she was too busy and the 30 seconds I got from her made it worse. I left work with a pit in my stomach and feeling like crap. But at least it was the weekend. Friday’s only post-work commitment was meeting the roofers at my house at 6:15. They were late but I picked my colors and they said they’d be here this week. Yay! And since my contractors are having another company do the roofing, they’ll be able to do my gutters and garage siding sooner. Once they left, I got on the phone with Carolyn and she made me feel much better. I went to bed early, figuring tomorrow would be a better day and it was!

I had an Omaha run scheduled with Andrea on Saturday afternoon. I wanted to hit the yarn shop for yarn for my swap partner’s project and a bowl and pod for Deanne, Penzey’s for Cake Spice for the swap and Trader Joe’s. Andrea added Tractor Supply and Target to the list. All was going according to plan – got the yarn I needed, were in and out of Penzey’s and headed to check out chicken coops at Tractor Supply. Well, they didn’t have any coops but they did have chicks and before you knew it, Andrea had 3 chicks, chick start, cedar chips and a feeder and waterer. We spent the rest of our shopping accompanied by the peep of chicks in the back of the car. How fun! I was home by 5:00 and the sitting and knitting began.

Sunday was supposed to be chore day broken up with an afternoon plant run to a local nursery with Lorri. I managed to get the laundry done before I left but nothing more. I bought more plants and a fun, cone-shaped planter then stopped for gas so I could go home and mow for the first time. When I was done, which felt good, I started knitting again. By bedtime, I had finished my 2nd bowl and had started the last pod. I didn’t get any cooking or more chores done but life will go on. It was a busy and fun week and I ended it knitting. Life is good!

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