Sunday, May 8, 2011

Week 19 - Roofed and Cozy

The week started out on a good note – baking coffee cake to bring to work. It’s always nice to kick a week off with goodies. It was deans’ reports day so it flew by and when I got home, the roofers were there. It looked like bomb had gone off in my yard and when I went inside, it sounded like a war zone. I had planned to relax and eat dinner but with all the racket, it wasn’t going to happen. At one point they must have thrown an entire package of shingles and it was so loud when it hit that I screamed. I couldn’t take it so headed to the library 40 minutes early for knitting. By the time I got home, they were pretty much done, just coming back the next day to finish the peak on the garage. Yay! Step one – done. Next up – siding the garage.

Tuesday flew by too (day 2 of monthly reports) and then I hit the pool. On Wednesday I met Anne at the Union and knitted over lunch, which was fun. After work, Nancy and I sent to the Ross to see Win Win. It’s a very good movie. Go see it. From there we went to YiaYia’s for pizza then it was such a gorgeous night that we sat on a bench and chatted until after 9:00, enjoying what was probably one of the last bug free nights for awhile. I went right to bed when I got home. It was a good day but LONG.

Thursday was the last day in the pool for awhile. Next week is the annual shut down week and I had just had a vacation week approved for the week after. There were just 3 of us in the class but it was fun. I had decided earlier in the day not to scrapbook on Friday so was able to go home and knit, finishing the funky mittens I made to match my lotus hat. I went to bed early and slept like a rock. On Friday we took Brandy, our student worker, out for lunch to celebrate her graduation. The rest of the day went by in a blur as I tried to clear everything off my desk so I can concentrate on utilities billing next week, which Nora wants major progress on before I can take the week off. It’s blackmail I tell you! Actually, I’ve been putting it off for a LONG time so this was good incentive.

It was a nice weekend! I spent Friday night knitting, starting the cutest strawberry tea cozy ever, despite my vow to not knit anything new until I finished something. Oh well. I picked Lorri up early on Saturday (8:00!) and went to Fremont for a couple of plant sales, where, wait for it, I over bought plants. Would you ever have guessed? I started chores when I got home and Andrea came over mid afternoon, needing to escape the same roofing team that so disrupted my Monday night. We knitted, chatted, streamed videos and ate yummy dinner. After she left, I stayed up late to finish my tea cozy.

It was HOT on Sunday (pushing 90) so I spent some time in the basement, something I’ll have to do for another couple of days because I refuse to put my AC on this early when it’s going to be cool again later in the week. Between the heat and being tired, I didn’t do as many chores as I could have but did get all my projects felted and started another handmade for my knitting swap. And the tea cozy worked great. My second cup of tea was steaming hot, which didn’t help with the heat but was worth it. There’s nothing like a cup of tea to commemorate a lazy spring afternoon. I LOVE spring! Enjoy it.

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  1. Sorry about the noise. They made an unGodly amount of noise when they put up our Solar Panels.
    I love, love, love the cozy. Simply adorable.
    I wish I could love Spring. My allergies are so bad that I have been sick since the middle of March. They always end up turning into a respiratory infection. It sucks.