Monday, May 30, 2011

Week 22 - Finishing Up Stuff

My alarm was a rude awakening when it went off Monday morning. I’d had trouble falling asleep Sunday night, probably because I’d been staying up late for the entire previous week. Oh well. I dragged myself to work and spent the morning slogging through emails and getting back into the swing of things. I had a podiatrist appointment so had to leave work at 3:30 (nice on my first day back but I’d made the appointment weeks ago), which meant I was home by 5:00 and so had time for supper before knitting.

The weather was cold and rainy all week but on Tuesday it was pouring torrentially and I had to walk across campus for the UAAD year end picnic. Despite having an umbrella, I got soaked to the skin from the waist down and spent the rest of the day slowly drying off. The picnic was fun though and I got to play bocce ball. I had planned to go to the pool that night but was informed just before 5:00 that there was no Tuesday class for the rest of the summer. With some found time, I went right home and packed up my swap box and 2 other packages. I went to bed early and slept like a rock for the first time in days.

I went to the post office on the way to work and mailed the package. The clerk told me it was over 4 pounds so had to go priority, which cost me $28 – more than I’d hoped but not horrible. Only when she was done affixing the postage did I bother to ask how much over it had been. When she said 1 ounce I saw red. One ounce! Had I known that, I would have ripped it open, removed the little bar of soup I had thrown in just because and saved myself $12. Sheesh! I taught that afternoon so the afternoon flew and then I went back to the pool for the first time in almost 3 weeks. That was 3 weeks with almost no knee pain. Hmmmm… I think the shallow water aerobics has been doing more harm than good. I’ll find out in a couple of weeks when Mabel Lee pool opens and I can go back to the deep end.

I taught again on Thursday afternoon and had intended to swim but ended up having to work late. After a quick stop at the market, I went right home and mowed the lawn, which hadn’t been done in almost two weeks and needed it big time. After I showered and made dinner, I was perusing Netflix for something to watch and found Zombieland. I’m not sure what made me pick that but it was quite entertaining. I was so tired though that I couldn’t keep my eyes open and so stopped it and went to bed, figuring I’d finish it in the morning.

So, how’s a day go when you start it watching zombies being killed in every conceivable way? When my Starbuck’s mug, which I realized was missing its gasket, dripped all down my front several times, I was beginning to think my day was doomed but it wasn’t. Campus was deserted and the day flew by while I worked on projects for Nora. I had lunch with Layton and heard all about his trip – his first to Europe. Then Anne called me from Brown Sheep’s retail store and I talked her through buying me all kinds of fun yarn for cheap. When 5:00 hit, I blew out of the building and directly home to start my long weekend. I had big plans to finish a few of the things I didn’t get done during my vacation.

Dodie came over at 9:00 on Saturday and we dug up plants while the rain fell on and off. Between the rain that fell and the water that cascaded off every bush and plant I dug up, I was pretty soggy by the time I was done. But Dodie’s car was full of bushes, a tree and perennials, all of which I’ll never miss and she’ll enjoy in her yard. Win win. We chatted for awhile and she headed home to plant. I started my semi-annual clothes swap, which meant slogging through drawer and closets. I didn’t finish but made a big dent, which worked. I had a taco salad for dinner and went to bed early.

The weather was crappy again on Sunday so I decided it was time to finish the afghan Dottie and I had started in May of 2008 on our first sister weekend. I’d found it in the basement and was determined to get it done. Between going through more clothes and doing some cooking, I thought I’d have plenty of time to finish but after hours and hours, it was put together but I had 3 rows of the outside border yet to do. I worked until 10:30 but then gave up and went to bed. I still had Monday.

The weather ha d changed from raining and damp to hot and windy on Saturday evening. Summer had arrived after the coldest, wettest spring I can remember. Figuring I could get the border done pretty quickly, I sat down to crochet at 7:30. Let me tell you, when you’re crocheting around a huge afghan, one row can take a long time. Without doing much else besides cooking meals, it took until 3:00 to finish the damn afghan! By the time I was done, the day was shot and so was I. My back ached between my shoulders and I still had all my chores to do. But I started in on them because the new cleaning lady starts tomorrow so I wanted the house to be neat. I know what you’re thinking but I didn’t clean, I just picked up. All in all, it was a pretty dull Memorial Day but I got the afghan off my UFO (unfinished object for the non-knitters) so I’ll call it good. It’s back to work tomorrow for a week that is sure to fly by. Dale is on vacation so I’m doing Deans’ Reports solo for the first time ever. Wish me luck.

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  1. WOW! It looks fabulous!I have so many unfinished things right now. I haven't been home long enough to do anything but laundry. The baby is here now so I am off duty now.