Monday, February 28, 2011

Week 9 - Nice and Easy

It was another crazy week. Work was constantly in crisis mode and Carolyn was at Disney so I had to get through it without my sounding board. That’s a bit dramatic but I really did miss her. There were countless times during the week when something happened that I would have shared with Carolyn and couldn’t. Woe is me! At least it was warm so most of the snow was gone by the weekend.

One fun thing I did was finally break out the bento box Carolyn gave me for Christmas. I’d have to say it was a roaring success. I packed it with healthy, pretty food that totally filled me up and was satisfying. I had bento Monday and Tuesday and was pretty pleased with myself. Could this be the thing that finally breaks my sandwich habit? Here’s hoping.

Other than work being nuts, it was a pretty easy week. Because the library was closed for Presidents’ Day, we knitted at Andrea’s store, which was a nice change, and a reporter from the local newspaper interviewed us on knitting. I’m interested to see the article, which should be in this week. Tuesday was the pool followed by a Tupperware party at my scrapbooking friend Sandy’s house. I had time to kill between the pool and the party so Anne and I went to Panera for soup. It was nice chatting with Anne when we weren’t in the pool.

It was snowing on Thursday and Dale, who’d left early, called to say the roads were awful and I should leave. So I started home and it took a long time to get to the highway because there was enough snow on the roads that every stop light was a challenge. As I was driving north, it became clear that there was less snow. I was thrilled to get to Wahoo and find that we’d gotten NOTHING! There wasn’t even enough on the ground to call it anymore than a dusting. Then I got to my door and my swap box from the Ravelry Color Swap was waiting for me. And the best part was, it was full of wonderful orange things - yarn, roving (for spinning), candy, a book, tools, etc. plus a wonderful handknit cowl. What a nice surprise! I was glowing as I made dinner and headed to the library for book club, which was fun with a lively discussion of The Color of Water.

Friday was another stressful day at work so I headed straight home, skipping my usual Friday food shopping. I had no commitments for the weekend and was looking forward to staying home. It was a nice weekend. I did something I haven’t in awhile. I cooked up a storm. I started out making sauce for lasagna, thinking I’d bring a pan over to Donna, who is struggling to get around and is waiting for a date to have her replacement knee replaced. That lead to making taco salad mix and a big pot of beef barley soup. When I went to put the lasagna together on Sunday, I didn’t have noodles and so opted for rigatoni and just made it lasagna style, ending up with enough for Donna plus small ones for Andrea, me and a couple for the freezer.

I also got lots of knitting done, finishing (hopefully) my felting frenzy. But maybe not. I went over to Andrea’s on Sunday afternoon to pick up her felting stuff (I’m the designated felter for the group, having a top loader with an agitator) but also picked up more 100% wool from the auction. I needed more of the lavender to finish the bowl I was working on but also took lots more. Andrea and I had some tea while waiting for Donna to get home so we could drop the lasagna and rugelach that Andrea had made. By the time I got home, it was dinner time. I ended the night staying up way too late to do the felting load. It was a nice weekend – relaxing but productive. I need a few more of these.


  1. Hi Merry! I love your Bento!
    I am in CA taking care of my preggo dd and her two boys. She's on bed rest and her dh is working away for 2 weeks like the RGH does. So for the next couple of months, I'll be commuting here for 2 weeks of nurse/maid/babysitting duty.
    Glad to hear you are getting lots of knitting done. I haven't been in my craft room for weeks.

  2. I'm so envious you have a BENTO BOX!! the one I want is hot pink and more $$ than I want to spend. It's great to hear they work well though, makes me think I'll be saving up for the set.