Monday, February 14, 2011

Week 7 - A Maniacal Weekend

It was a strange but productive week. I didn’t swim (don’t ask) and so had lots of time after work to get things done. I could get used to that but won’t think about it because I’m headed back to the pool this week.

I spent most of my extra time last week knitting. Go figure. Knitting and shopping that is. I am participating in a swap on Ravelry (an online community for knitters) so was on the hunt for things for my swappee in her designated color. I also had to include at least one handmade item so, of course, I made three all within the last week. I also had baby booties to knit for a shower on Sunday. Add all the shopping trips looking for presents and I was pretty busy. For example, on Monday I was at Wal-Mart before work, Baker’s Candies over lunch and Dollar Tree after work but before knitting. Despite calling my swap box done after that, I still kept shopping, just not as maniacally. Wednesday was knitting at Village Inn, which was fun because I hadn’t been since before Christmas.

Work was busy too. I slammed through a couple of priority projects (those never seem to stop), spent an entire morning with the consultant testing the identity management system and spent the end of the week drafting a response from the BPI (business process improvement) team on the facilities module. Blah, blah, blah. That's my job! It certainly made the week fly by though.

The weekend was going to be a busy one so I started my chores on Friday night, getting the laundry out of the way before going to bed early so I'd be fresh for getting tons done Saturday. Just after falling asleep, I was awakened by the sound of a cat scratching, which is never a good sign. The boxes needed changing and that was first on my list for Saturday. I got up and checked the navy sweatshirt that had fallen on the floor and seeing nothing, threw it onto the pile of clothes on the chair. Fast forward to the next morning. I was attempting to eat a bowl of cereal but the kitten was in my face so I put the bowl on the arm of my easy chair and reached to throw the kitten down. Somehow the kitten ended up on the floor and the bowl of cereal was in my lap, with milk everywhere. I peeled off my sodden nightie and jumped into the shower, earlier than I'd planned but I tried to see the bright side that I'd be up and dressed early because I had a lot to do. Well, I pulled a t-shirt from the chair over my head and smelled pee. Yes, Tilde had peed on the navy sweatshirt and I then threw it onto a pile of clean clothes on the chair! ICK! Luckily the shirt just smelled and wasn't actually wet so I washed up a bit, got dressed in fresh clothes and started laundry AGAIN. Two loads later and I was ready to get busy. The day could only get better.

The Wine & Dine was Sunday night and par for the course, I had left my projects until the last minute. I had to gather pictures for a slide show of the Friends' accomplishments and print the place cards. I thought the place cards would be a 5 minute job but had trouble finding the right files and then merging them in the new version of word. By the time I got those done and headed to the library, I had less than an hour to gather the pics and cut the place cards. After breaking the library's paper cutter, I headed to their computer where I only found a few pictures (we had expected more) so I headed home to slog through every pic on my computer since 2004 looking for library pics, knowing I had quite a few. That sucked up hours of my afternoon! I then dropped the flash drive and cut up (using my scrapbooking cutter) place cards at Denise's and went to the market. By the time I got home it was dark. Somewhere in all this, Connie called to say her friend Betty had died and she'd be heading south for the funeral and asked if she could stay at my house. I said of course and started another to do list. She said her new boyfriend might come too, which would mean a different level or neatizing. Oh well, that's what friends are for. I made a late dinner and started knitting yet another thing for the swap box. I found a cute pattern for stocking hat pins and knitted up a bunch. They are so cute!

Sunday was busy again. I had more neatizing to do, still not knowing if I'd have just Connie or her boyfriend too. I also had baking to do for Valentine's Day. I made rugelach, using this super yummy recipe, and sugar cookies with fiori di Sicilia for my swappee. At 2:00 I was sitting outside in a t-shirt eating a grilled cheese for a late lunch. All the baking was done, the housework was nearly done and it was 60+ degrees out. Yay! I was on the road to the shower by 2:15, stopping for a gift bag on the way. There was lots of good food but I tried not to eat much since I'd have prime rib at the Wine & Dine. I went from the shower to home to shut the windows I'd left open and then was on to the Wine & Dine, arriving at 6:00 when dinner was supposed to be served but this is Nebraska where nothing ever starts on time. So I had time to grab a single glass of wine and then it was time to eat. I sat with Karen Boop (a friend of the library I only know slightly) and her husband and his brother, who had just moved to Wahoo from RI. What are the chances? We swapped RI stories and it was fun. The food was fine (nothing special) but it's a fund raiser after all. I even won a door prize, having also won a game at the shower. Anyway, I was happy to get home. I put together my swap box so I could mail it in the morning and went to bed late. It was a long day but fun and I was in the home stretch, looking forward to a normal week with gorgeous, warm weather. Life is good!

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