Monday, November 8, 2010

Week 45 - Last Busy Week

The book sale was over so I was hopeful for a normal week but there was a lot of catching up to do. I cannot believe I’ve become one of those people but I was so excited to be getting back to the pool. It had been nearly 3 weeks since I’d had any exercise (not counting lifting books that is) and I was feeling it.

That said, I didn’t go to water aerobics on Monday. I had planned to but was starving and couldn’t fathom waiting until after knitting to eat so I headed home to eat supper before heading to the library, vowing that I’d go for the next 3 days for sure. So much for jonesing for the pool! It felt SO good to go on Tuesday though, both physically and to see all my friends. And I did go for the rest of the week so I figure I redeemed myself.

So the week was “normal” – I knitted on Monday, swam on Tuesday then voted (more on that later), swam on Wednesday but then decided against knitting afterwards in favor of a night at home to catch up, swam again Thursday then went right to the library for book club, which was fun, leaving Friday for food shopping and prepping for my weekend of scrapbooking and the Friends’ meeting Saturday morning. But I was so tired on Friday that I skipped the food shopping since I wouldn’t be home to cook or eat anyway. At about this point, I realized that even normal is too busy. Story of my life!

Voting – I always vote but this year had no clue what was going on. Most of the races were a shoe in for the Republicans, either because no one was running against them or because the Democrats in Nebraska are SO lame that I literally didn’t even know who was running against the current governor. There was one local race that was hotly contested but I didn’t even know the details there. Bad citizen! I debated all day whether or not to vote and had pretty much decided not to vote but then just couldn’t do it. I found myself stopping at my polling place and casting a ballot anyway, knowing the mostly it was a waste because all my votes went to losers. Oh well. I guess I did my civic duty, for what it was worth.

I started the weekend at the library not delivering my first Treasurer’s report because I didn’t have any paperwork from the bank. They were asking for volunteers for the Wine & Dine and despite the fact that I’ve done the door prizes for years, I didn’t say a word. Step one towards simplifying my life. Yay! From the library I headed home to load up my scrapbooking stuff and headed to Camp Fontanelle for a weekend of scrapbooking. I didn’t stay over, preferring instead to drive the 35 miles home and back, and was home by 5:00 on Sunday so I could cram in a few chores. I had fun at Fontanelle, did lots of perfect pages (always) and got enough done so that I have clean undies to wear for the week and picked up for the cleaning lady, who comes on Tuesday. This week will be less busy. Honest.

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  1. Merry, I am like you and trying to stop making stuff for myself to do. I mean, do I really NEED to make my own Christmas Cards? NO!
    As for voting, I am a Libertarian. Wanna talk about wasted votes? NO vote is ever wasted. You sent a message and it matters. If there wasn't a Libertarian candidate, I voted for the Independent because I personally think the rest of them are useless. So you did the right thing because you matter. All of us matter.
    Love you girl!