Monday, November 22, 2010

Week 47 - A Rough Middle

The week started off with a short work day because I had a long overdue mammogram scheduled at St. E’s at 3:30. It went fine and I was home before dark, which is always nice this time of year. I even had time to make pumpkin bread pie (see recipe here. If you try it, it bakes at 400 degrees) to bring to knitting. It was super easy to make and delicious. Everyone loved it and I gave it all away except one piece for my 2nd dessert of the week.

Tuesday was a full day at work, with 2 different presentations to make, which made the day fly. I went to the pool Tuesday and again on Wednesday then went to knitting at Village Inn, where I gave away tons of yarn – a whole back seat full. I was feeling good about life until I got home. There were 3 messages on my machine – 2 from my doctor’s office and 1 from St. E’s. While they just said to call, I knew it meant there was a problem with my mammogram. Crap!

Despite having gone through this when I had my last mammogram, I still slept badly. I tried to reason with myself but that only goes so far. I called St. E’s first thing, made an appointment for later that morning and tried not to fret. Yeah, right. Another mammogram and two ultrasounds later, which took hours, I got a clean bill of health. I grabbed lunch and headed back to work feeling like a new woman. Nothing like hearing you don’t have cancer to boost your mood.

I was absolutely exhausted but had made plans before all this boob stress to go to the movies with Nancy. And it wasn’t a happy, peppy movie – Inside Job about the financial crisis. Despite it being a movie with charts and graphs, it was interesting and we had lots of fun yucking it up over steak dinners at HyVee. For my east coast friends, that’s the big market around here and it has a restaurant in it. It’s a Midwest thing. I went home and collapsed into bed, sleeping like a rock. And the next day was Friday. Could life get any better?

I headed to work Friday sporting my new orange keen sneakers and a new orange sailor neck sweater and feeling like a million bucks. It was a good day at work and Mary, Nora and Cheryl joined Layton and me for a belated birthday lunch for Nora and Cheryl. We went to Green Gateau and had a fun and yummy lunch. The afternoon flew by and I headed home, still feeling great. I stopped at Andrea’s shop, where we chatted for an hour, and then she came over to pick something up. When she left I sat down to a snack dinner of pate on baguette and my last glass of 3 Buck Chuck (Charles Shaw chardonnay from Trader Joe’s.) What a nice end to a wonderful Friday.

On Saturday I was going to the soil exhibit at the Durham Museum with Nancy and Lorri. This was my thank you to Lorri for taking care of the cats and especially Rebar while I was in California. We left early so we could be there when the museum opened. The exhibit was good and we did a few of the permanent exhibits before our hunger got to us. We had lunch at The Farmhouse Café and then ran a few errands before heading home. We dropped Lorri at her house where her granddaughter was there to help with pre-Thanksgiving cleaning then Nancy and I went back to my house for tea. When she left, I made my to do list and settled in for a relaxing evening. What a nice day!

Sunday was chores galore. I managed to get my plants all trimmed and situated all over the house, did some mending, some ironing and all my laundry. It’s just a three day work week ahead and then four days with no alarm. What’s not to love? And after this past week, it’s bound to be better.

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  1. I had one of those mammogram scares a couple of years ago. Terrible!!! They tell you nothing and then your mind goes crazy. Very frustrating.
    I am always amazed at how much you accomplish in a week. Much work but a lot of fun things too. I still haven't made very many friends here. It's hard to do when I have no job. Volunteering has me meeting a lot of people but so far no real connections.
    Miss you my friend. Hope 2011 produces a visit for us.