Monday, November 1, 2010

Week 43 - Hangin' in California

What a week! The beginning could not have been more opposite from the end if I tried. That's what happens when you take vacation mid week - you spend the first half slamming and the last half relaxing. And there's extra slamming if you weren't as productive as you should have been the previous weekend. : )

Monday was day one of the grand slam. I dropped food at State Fair Park for the feeder, ran home to bake some muffins to share with Andrea who was also flying and so needed plane snacks, threw some laundry in, ate dinner and had my coat on to head to knitting when the phone rang. It was my contractors and they wanted to come look at the roof. Not the best timing but I didn't have time any other night either so waited for them to come and check it out. They stayed about half an hour and I sprinted to the library, muffins in hand, to salvage a bit of knitting time. I finished the laundry when I got home and headed to bed early.

Tuesday was the Wellness Fair at work so I planned to have my blood drawn and so had to pack both a breakfast and lunch to bring with me. I threw in a few chores and headed to the Fair, only to find a huge line and only one person drawing blood. Who schedules a Wellness Fair for the entire campus when all the staff are out at training? So much for that. Anyway, I spent most of Tuesday night on the phone finding volunteers for the book sale, stopping now and then to fit a chore in. I also had a dentist appointment on Wednesday morning so had some time then to do a few more chores. By the time I left the house Wednesday, most everything was done. I had a very short list for Wednesday night when Helen would be staying over in preparation for our 3:30 wake up for our early flight.

We set 4 different alarms for 3:30 and went to bed relatively early. Two of the four alarms went off - the cell phone and the oven timer worked, the kitchen timer and spare room alarm clock not so much. But we made it to the airport with time to spare and had uneventful flights. When we arrived in Orange County at 9:30 a.m. (the one benefit to such an early flight - having the whole day ahead of you when you get there), it was raining! Yes, raining in LA - unreal! It was great to see Debbie and we pretty much went straight home, where we would spend the next four days visiting, knitting, cooking and hanging with Debbie's kids and grandkids. Other than walking the dog and a quick trip to the market to stock up for a family dinner, we didn't go anywhere. It was wonderful! We talked and talked, played fun games and ate great food. The rain, which continued on and off, mattered not at all. Since most everyone had to get up for work on Monday, we all went to bed early on Sunday. Helen and I would be flying home on Monday afternoon so a good night's sleep would work for us too. It had been a whirlwind week but with a happy, relaxing ending. Just like vacation should be.

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