Monday, March 1, 2010

Week 9 - Change a Go-Go

My work life was in an uproar this week. After 7 happy years in my south facing office in Accounting, I had to move. The Accounting Department was reorganized a few weeks ago. Mary became the Controller and the reporting team (Financial Systems, to be official) was now reporting to her in that function so would have to move. Luckily I had nothing to do with the logistics of the move, which moved about half of the people in Accounting, all of Payroll and Budget plus the training room. But we didn't know until the last minute where we'd be located and whether it was to our permanent space with temporary furniture or to a completely different floor, existing on tables until our new space could be refurbished. That meant sorting into 2 sets of boxes - things I'd need to survive on a short term basis and things that I wouldn't miss if they were boxed up until we were finally settled. Either way, I had to go through and pack up 7 years of crap. I did it over a few days though so it wasn't too painful. I also ended up taking a bag of said crap home every day. The bags are currently sitting on the kitchen floor awaiting disposition. Since I still had Christmas presents on the dining room table, I was determined not to have the office stuff linger.

So which location won out? Unfortunately, it's the temporary one because they found asbestos in the ceiling of what will be our new space. So Nora, Dale and I are in a windowless room that has been prepped for painting (the white plaster patches from where the old cubie walls were just accentuates how grubby the walls are) for about 6 weeks. Since we're in the training room, we're using the training tables with scavenged file cabinets as our only drawer space for the duration. I can live with the tables, it's the lack of sunlight I'm worried about. As if this hasn't been the worst winter of my lifetime, now I've got no sunshine, no plants (I left them upstairs so they'd still be happy) and no birds outside my window. I'll live but I think I'll need to treat myself to fresh flowersfor the duration. Good thing it's daffodil time in the markets.

On a sad note, Friday was our (potentially) last day in Mabel Lee pool for water aerobics. The pool needs work (something with the pump and filters) so they’re draining it to see if it can be fixed. In the meantime, we’ll be having class in 1 lane (yes, 1 lane!) of the shallow lap pool across the street in the main gym. Since I’ve only been doing deep classes since I blew out my knee, I’ll have to be very careful with the shallow classes. Plus they cancelled the Friday class, which was one of my nights, so I’ll be exploring new exercise options next week.

On top of all the turmoil at work, I was determined to get a few problem areas sorted out by the end of the weekend. You see March 1st is a Monday, which, in Merry world, makes it an auspicious day to turn over a new leaf. And do I need a new leaf! With this winter from hell, I haven't seen green since the first snow fell in early December. My yard still has 3 foot high drifts and snow piles everywhere, the weather has been bitter cold to match the gloom and spring can't come soon enough. So, I spent my weekend slogging through paper, doing my taxes (almost done) and putting away the last of the Christmas presents that have been living on my dining room table. In honor of what feels like a warm up when it's barely above freezing, I went for a walk with Lorri on Saturday and trudged through the snow to hang laundry on the line. I’m sure my neighbors think I’m nuts but I slept on sweet smelling sheets last night. And now that I’m so well rested, it’s time to turn over that new leaf.

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