Monday, February 22, 2010

Week 8 - My New Laptop

In a week where my #1 goal was to catch up on everything I’d not done last week because of my reading binge, the highlight was getting my new laptop.

For years I’ve been limping along with my old desktop mac. I lost the ability to stream video long ago, which seriously cramped my TV watching because I don’t have cable and never hooked my VCR up to my new TV so I counted on Hulu to watch anything I missed. When I couldn’t do Hulu anymore, I just stopped watching a few shows. But the last straw came when I could no longer open pdf files. Yes, pdf’s - the files everyone can open, even with no software. So when Carolyn, who has been looking for a good deal on a laptop for awhile, called to say she had found a the perfect laptop, I jumped online and bought one for myself. It was delivered Friday so I headed home for a weekend of catching up.

Well, I did catch up on laundry, chores and cooking but also spent a chunk of time this weekend getting my new computer set up and watching lots of TV on Hulu. Not only is Hulu super quick, I can now stream videos on Netflix, which I took advantage of Saturday night. I don’t have wireless but my favorite chair and hassock are right in front of my desk so all I had to do was shift the modem a few feet and I’m up and operational. I’m sitting in my chair now typing away. Now I need to get busy and do my taxes, something I’m not looking forward to. Who does? Here’s hoping I get enough back to make a dent in the cost of my England trip. : )

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  1. Oh Merry! That looks just like my laptop only newer. You probably have Windows 7. I have Vista, which has many issues but I have spent hours working on them and now love my laptop. Don't you love having the ten key on the side and that huge screen?
    Good luck with your taxes. I have to start mine on Wednesday, after the RGH leaves for work.