Monday, March 29, 2010

Week 13 - Lived to Tell

With my life due for a long anticipated slow down, I decided there was no time like the present so headed to the Super Circuit on Monday at lunch. I hadn’t been since I blew out my knee last winter so was a bit worried. I guess I needn’t have been because I lived to tell.

I woke up on Tuesday a bit sore and aware of my knee but with no other problems. Yee ha! I was back to weight lifting – just another step on my “health” word for 2010. I figure if I do Super Circuit twice a week and do water aerobics, which is no longer the work out it used to be since we switched pools, twice I’ll be doing OK. I swam on Wednesday and Thursday and was back at the circuit after work on Friday. It felt good to start the weekend working out, which I’ve missed since they cancelled Friday water aerobics. I was less sore on Saturday too so I’m counting that as progress.

Like I said, my week was much slower than the past few weeks. Other than knitting at the library which I don’t count as a commitment, the only night I did anything was going to the movies with Nancy on Tuesday – The Last Station (a period piece about Tolstoy starring Helen Mirren.) I had been up since 3:30 a.m., awakened by a dream so disturbing that I never got back to sleep so was worried about my energy level. But my first fully caffeinated latte in years helped a lot. We went to Panera afterwards and chatted for a long time. I went home and fell into bed exhausted, sleeping through the night and waking up feeling great. I even blazed through a ton of housework Wednesday morning before work.

The rest of the week was wonderfully uneventful and I was thrilled to have a free weekend at last. As forecast, it rained on and off all day Saturday so I stayed inside and started on my to do list. By the end of the day, I had finished cleaning up from last weekend’s spare room clear out and even went through all the bags I’d brought home from work after the office move. My chores were started too and I had just sat down when Andrea called and invited me to dinner. How nice! I had done no cooking so was thrilled at the offer of homemade French onion soup. I threw a half batch of carrot cupcakes in the oven and was there by 6:00 for a yummy dinner and a chat. What a nice end to a dreary day.

Sunday dawned bright, sunny and warm and I was looking forward to sitting in the sun and knitting. But I hadn’t been able to knit in the sun for a month and was disappointed to see that the sun was too high in the sky to make it into my house – the only thing in direct sun was my feet. Taking this as a hint from Mother Nature, I headed outside to get my sunshine. First stop was the deck, where I took down my last Christmas tree (cut me some slack - there was still snow 2 weeks ago!), moved the furniture back, swept and pulled down the morning glory vines. I did a few more chores and then sat outside in the sun wearing just a t-shirt and was completely comfortable. Spring is apparently here to stay – yay! It felt wonderful to be outside on my neat and clean deck drinking tea and reading a good book with a cat on each of the other chairs. After awhile I headed back inside and did some cooking. Now I’m facing another week with not many commitments and the promise of 70 degrees by Wednesday. I think I’ll finally be starting my yard work.

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  1. Ahhh, Merry. I love reading about your weeks. You have such a great,detailed account. I can barely remember what I did yesterday, much less a week ago. I am at my dd's in California, helping her re-arrange her house to clear a room for what we hope will be a nursery in the near future. It's going well. Glad you have a little Spring and are enjoying a little me time.