Sunday, November 15, 2009

Week 46 - Through to Normal

At last, a normal week! I was able to eat dinner before knitting at the library, went to the pool twice and sat like a zombie in front of the TV 3 nights in a row. I even got to cook a normal dinner (June Cleaver would have been proud) on Friday night. While the TV watching was excessive (hell, I didn’t even knit a stitch!), it was nice to have the option.

The highlight of the week was scrapbooking at Camp Fontanelle. We do this twice a year and it’s a testament to how nuts my life has been that I hadn’t scrapbooked since we were at the camp last spring. Sheesh! Of course I left all the prep until the last minute but it all worked out in the end.

I told myself I’d have plenty of time Saturday morning to get ready and so opted for my third TV veg night on Friday, figuring I’d wake up early enough to get the minimum done before I had to leave ~9:30. Little did I know how early it’d be! I woke up at 5:15, made French toast and bacon, organized all my scrapbooking stuff and had time to call Carolyn before heading to the optician’s to check on whether they found other color options for the frames I’d tried on last week. Well, I walked in the door, walked up to the first rack and pulled off a pair of glasses that I like even better than the ones they were holding. What do you think? Here’s a frontal shot plus another view to see the cool sides. I’ve also included a side view of the pair from last week that shows detail of the figures. I need feedback please!

From there it was on to camp. As usual, it was the opening weekend of deer season so there were 2 deer carcasses on the lawn from the youth hunting group. It wouldn’t be Fontanelle without a dead animal or two. Gunshots aside, it was a great weekend. My plan was to do my calendar pages for our swap (this year I had January and April) then work on a new album from my Wisconsin trip with Lorri a year ago summer. Done!

I finished the calendar pages Saturday afternoon and started the album before I headed home to sleep in my own bed that night. I could have slept at camp but decided the 30 minute drive each way was a decent trade for a good night’s sleep at home and not having to pack linens and toiletries and schlep them down to the dorm. It was a good decision because I not only slept like a rock but didn’t get up until almost 8:00. I was the hero of the group for bringing M&M’s and Starbucks. All the caffeine and chocolate gave me a jump start because. I finished my album just in time to pack up and be home by 5:00. And I love the album to boot.

The final clincher on my wonderfully normal week was coming home to a message that someone wants to meet Mama Kitty. I made a few phone calls and connected the potential adopter with the fosterer and hope to hear tomorrow that it all worked out and Mama Kitty has a new home. Now I just need to cram tonight full of all my chores and pull out the snow shovel and winter coat before heading to bed. It’s supposed to snow overnight and into the day tomorrow. If only it’d be enough for a snow day. I live in hope. : )

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  1. Oh Merry! I love the glasses with the flourish on the sides. So cute and they look fabulous on you. Buy those!
    Crossing my fingers for Mama Kitty. Hope you have a great week.