Sunday, November 8, 2009

Week 45 - Four Days Off

What a wonderful week! It’s hard not to love a 3 day work week followed by 4 days off with temps in the 70’s in November.

The work part of my week flew by, mostly taken up by dean’s reports. I only ended up spending one night at the library post book sale. I went right there after work on Monday and didn't leave until the book shop was completely restocked. I ended the working part of my week with a bogus session on weight lifting for women, where everyone showed up dressed to work out but ended up with a power point in a meeting room. Oh well. None of it mattered because I had the next 4 days off. Yay!

I started my mini vacation by making an ambitious list of all the things I was going to get done, split out by day. Well, you know how that went! I enjoyed the morning immensely, sitting in the sun knitting while watching bad morning TV then talking to my Auntie Margaret for 2.5 hours. After lunch, I looked at the list, decided to rearrange and headed outside. A few hours later, I had planted the last of my plants (better late than never) and everything looked much better, so much so that I’m not embarrassed by my neglected yard anymore. I have a bit more to do but feel great about my progress. A great Day 1.

Day 2 started with more knitting in the sun and then I headed out to get all my in town errands done – registering the car, going to the bank, OK’ing the new shower that had finally come in at the plumber’s, stopping at the library and on and on. I went to the optician’s last to pick out some glasses. They all looked the same and were all square, which I don't like with the shape of my eyes. Here’s a pic of me in the pair I like. What do you think? I wish I had a pic of the sides because they’re really fun. Ignore the bad hair. I’m on vacation after all!

I had invited Andrea over for a simple supper of corn chowder, figuring that’d give me incentive to neatize the house. By the time I got home, it was 3:15 and I had to cram to get it all done. Donna had called and I invited her too but she doesn’t like chowder so I decided to make some red sauce too. I got it all done and we had a nice time. I cracked a bottle of wine, we ate our various entrees then had apple crisp with vanilla ice cream and watched TV and chatted all night.

The night ended on a funny note. Donna and Andrea left and I immediately jumped in the shower, having gotten all sweaty from cooking. I was in my nightie and ready for bed when I looked down and noticed Andrea had forgotten her purse. I called her only to hear her purse announcing “Call from Merry Fenton.” Since Andrea doesn’t have a land line, I decided she shouldn’t be without her phone. I threw my coat on over my nightie and drove over there, only to find her house dark. I knocked lightly on the door but didn’t rouse her so I left her purse in the door and drove home slowly, stopping completely at every stop sign, just to make sure I wouldn’t get pulled over. Imagine the embarrassment if I had been!

Unfortunately, my vacation was over and my typical weekend began. I had a Friends meeting on Saturday, after which I went to Lorri’s to fix her computer. Sunday is usually my chore day but I decided to switch it up and do chores on Saturday so I could go to Omaha and do some shopping on Sunday. I had a long list of stores to hit, with my goal being to make a big dent in my Christmas shopping, restock my fridge and hit CJ Banks for their 40% off sale. I headed out at 11:00, grabbed a grilled stuffed burrito on the run for lunch and started shopping. 5 hours later I headed home with a car full of presents, food and clothes. I feel WAY better! My stocking stuffer baskets are full, all my chores are done and I’m ready to rock and roll. Life is good!

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  1. Fisrt, I am glad you got some vacation time. You are one busy Chicka and you needed some 'me' time.
    Second, I like the glasses. They look really good. And the hair isn't that bad either.