Monday, February 23, 2009

Week 8 - Hangin' with Kitties

Well, the week didn’t start out the best but turned out OK. My knee was feeling fine and I was simply walking across the office when it popped again. There wasn’t much pain (the cortisone shot is doing its job) but the instability was back. Out came the brace and I started walking very carefully again. One good thing out of this was I called Lincoln Orthopedic and moved my appointment up. I can’t see the doctor but have an appointment with a different PA on Monday and she’ll be able to order an MRI so it’ll be ready for the doctor to evaluate when he gets back from vacation. Hopefully moving this earlier will mean I have a diagnosis and maybe some PT under my belt before I head to Vegas next month. I’m also looking for the OK to do water aerobics again, which I skipped last week out of fear I’d do more harm.

So what did I do with all the time I wasn’t in the pool? Something productive? Not so much. What I ended up doing most nights after work was hanging with the UNL kitties. Since I was limiting my walking, I usually fed the cats after work so it’d be on the way to my car. Without having to rush to the pool, most nights I just took my time and loved on the two cats that are so tame now that they want to be petted. Fun but not the best use of time. Oh well.

And what did I do with my completely free weekend? I read a book – the Memory Keeper’s Daughter. It was OK. I had only read a few pages and book club meets Thursday night so I pretty much had to read it, which took some of the pleasure out of it. I’ll have to see what we’re reading for next month and decide whether I’m going to totally drop out or just take every other month off so I only go to the library club in the months my other book club doesn’t meet. Between both clubs, I’m having very little time to read the books I want to read. And we’ve read quite a few dogs at the library because we’re stuck with the limited list of book club packs. At least with my other book club we pick the books. Life is too short to read bad books! I did manage to do quite a bit of cooking between chapters and got my weekly chores done but it was otherwise a lost weekend.

P.S. I wonder if my knee pop can be chalked up to bad karma because I kept using my handicapped parking tag when I really didn’t need it. The pop happened on the exact day it expired. Hmmmm…… I just couldn’t give up the rock star parking.

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