Monday, March 2, 2009

Week 9 - Making Some Progress

The story for this week is again mostly about my knee. I had an appointment with another PA at Lincoln Orthopedic on Monday morning and, happily, she was everything the first one wasn’t. She spent nearly a half hour with me, explaining everything, answering all my questions (she still thinks it’s only arthritis) and gave me a prescription for mobic and ordered PT. So this week saw lots of progress. I was back in the pool Tuesday night, met with the physical therapist (who gave me a whole list of exercises for my knee) and I started taking the mobic and glucosamine chondroitin. The GC will take a long time to make any difference (she said I had to commit to taking it for 3 months) and is a horse pill that makes my fish oil capsule look tiny. But the mobic is a little bitty pill and replaces all the ibupofen I’ve been taking, which is good. And it works great. I skipped one pill to test it and woke up this morning all stiff and creaky. So now I’ve become one of those people who takes a handful of pills twice a day (only 2 are prescriptions) but I’ll do whatever it takes so I can keep living my life.

On the non-knee front, I am fostering another cat for Husker Cats. This one is a gorgeous, fully tame calico that someone dumped. I found her hiding in a downspout at the library and took her home Thursday night. I’ve already found her a home (Connie is taking her and I didn’t even ask her – she saw her pic and fell in love) but will have her for this week. I’ll take her to the vet Friday to have her spayed and pick her up Saturday and deliver her to Connie when I go down for her son’s wedding.

Speaking of that, Connie and I had a really fun day Saturday. We met for an early lunch then headed to the mall to find her a dress for the wedding. Now you all know I’m not a mall shopper but this was fun. We went to JC Penney’s and I played Connie’s dresser, running back and forth to the dressing room bringing her different sizes, matching things, etc. – something I couldn’t have done a week ago. And I don’t know if it’s the bad economy or what but they were practically giving the stuff away. Granted, the woman in front of her in line gave her a 15% off the entire order coupon she wasn’t using, but still she got 2 spring dresses, a little black dress from the clearance rack, a shrug and a jacket for just over $100! The painful part (my soul, not my knee) was searching the rest of the mall for a shrug to match the 2nd dress. We finally found a shawl on the clearance rack that was perfect and only $6. That found, we headed to Starbucks for a latte break then to the shoe store where, you guessed it, she found perfect shoes on the clearance rack. We ended at Big Lots for my only purchase of the day (I have enough, remember?) – a bag of candy and 2 cans of Treet, which I was out of. Gross I know but I love it.

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  1. I am so happy you are doing better. I don't shop at the mall either but isn't it divine when you find things you love and they are cheap?
    Really. If only it always happened that way.
    Hugs my friend. Keep taking care of yourself.