Monday, February 16, 2009

Week 7 - All Caught Up

Or close enough anyway. I had a really productive week, which was desperately needed. I had things on my to do list that had been languishing there since Christmas break. Plus I had been behind on my regular chores since my knee gave out so the house was a wreck. But no more! The kitchen is spotless, all the piles of paper are not only gone but the culled stuff has been dealt with and I got all this done plus my normal weekend chores. On the “way behind schedule” list, I got a haircut, finally got my car serviced (so much for the $59.95 special – mine cost $302!) and got the kitten spayed. I even inventoried both freezers (I have a ridiculous amount of food – go figure.) But the icing on the cake was the door prizes. The Friends of the Library’s Wine & Dine was Sunday night and I was in charge of door prizes. So I started going through the house, finding all kinds of brand new things that I’d bought for some reason or other, gifts I wouldn’t use, etc. I even went through my gift box under the bed (which is mostly filled with enough tea party favors for a lifetime) and pulled out a few more things. My friend Nancy came over with her basket collection, I dug out some linens and gift bags from the basement and we got going. After a quick trip to fill in some holes, I had 9 door prizes to donate. They ran the gamut from an Ikea throw I’d bought years ago and had never taken the label off to a garden basket with gloves, seeds, etc. Not only is all this stuff out of my house (yippee!) but I get a tax deduction too. To top the weekend off, the Wine & Dine was fun, the food was good and for the first time in years, I didn’t have to MC or speak so I actually had some wine. : )

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  1. Please come to my house and make gift baskets with all my stuff. I fight the stuff addiction as well and we are contemplating an interstate move. Must get rid of some of this cr** before I have to pay to move it.
    I am also very proud of you for inventorying your freezers. Good Girl. The ultimate in shopping at home is using what you already have. It appears you are the master of this. I bow to you, Merry. You are my hero!