Sunday, July 17, 2016

Week 28 - Meet Gansey Girl

Monday was the 4th of July so I had another day at home to get over jet lag and back on track before heading back to work. I woke up with the intention to leave the house but as the day went on, I just couldn't muster the energy and so didn't. I puttered in the yard a bit, getting some weeding done, and stepped outside to watch the fireworks at 10:00 but that's as close as I got to leaving the house. Tuesday morning would be soon enough.

The re-entry to work wasn't bad and I stopped at the bread store on the way home then headed out to Lori's after a quick dinner to drop the last of the pre-trip produce for her chickens and her gift for airport transportation services. There was no water aerobics all week so I was free to get things back on track. I prepped for the cleaning lady, restocked my produce at Fresh Thyme and made it through the week to Friday, which was going to be a banner day.

I'd made it known years ago that if Husker Cats came across a female orange kitten, I'd be interested. There had been one a year ago but I wasn't ready. Well, Becky had one now and with Wrennie gone, it was time. Becky had bottle fed her and her 2 litter mates from when they were just a few days old and they were ready to be adopted. I went to Becky's house after work on Friday to meet Gansey Girl and after playing with her for awhile, I took her home. Becky set me up with absolutely everything I'd need - kitten food, litter boxes and litter, a couple of toys and her favorite blanket. She was an angel in the car too. This was going to work out great.

It was fun to have a kitten in the house again. For me anyway. The other cats bolted out the door and refused to come back in so I fed them on the deck and spent the weekend bonding with my new kitty. I've never had a round eyed kitty before and Gansey (named after a knitting style) is a peach. I think having only known a human as her mother, she's not fearful at all. And she's cute as a button, don't you think? What a nice ending to my first week at home. : )

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