Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 4 - A Good Start

On my basement, which is the word of the year so I’m already making progress.

MLK weekend is always my weekend to catch up on things I wanted to get done over break and didn’t. And since this year’s break was shortened by travel issues, I had plenty to do. Having gotten all my regular chores done on the first 2 days of the long weekend, I’d saved Monday for going below ground. My goal was to make a dent in the storage room and that I did.

Now my basement is basically a big U – you start in the craft room at the bottom of the stairs, walk through that to the ebay room and through that to the back storage room. Since that room is full of boxes and doesn’t get used for anything else, it made sense to get that in order so that as I progressed backward to the other rooms, I’d have places to store things. But the storage room had flooded a couple of years ago so was full of boxes that had gotten wet so couldn’t be picked up and they had become the bases for piles of crap. I was down there most of the afternoon and by the time I was done, I’d reboxed everything and hauled a bunch of stuff up and into the trash can – water damaged ceiling tiles and all the gross cardboard mostly. I’d put down egg crate type florescent light fixture covers on the floor so the boxes would be above any future water issues. I’d also redone a shelf that had previously been balanced on fiberboard shelves, one of which had collapsed when it got water logged and lost integrity. By the time my energy waned, the only thing I had left to do was one shelf. Don’t get me wrong, there are other things that will need to be gone through and many more things will go out the door but my first pass was done. Yay!

What’s not to like about a short work week? Nothing. Work went well and I crossed lots of things off my list, including a big project that will be very useful going forward so I felt great about that. Wednesday was Backyard Farmer at UAAD over lunch, which featured the panelists from Nebraska’s locally produced garden show so that was fun. Thursday was Get Rec’d, which is a big wellness fair with lots of vendors and booths at the Rec Center. I cleaned up! I won 4 t-shirts plus the tank top they give out for going (that’ll probably never be on my body cuz no one sees my upper arms outside of the pool) plus gathered a bag full of freebies. But I also snacked my way through the tables then ended the day at a retirement party where they had the most delicious cake. I had 2 pieces of that. These were 1200 calorie days but it’s safe to say I exceeded that on Thursday. Oh well.

The work week was over and I was ready for the weekend. I slept way late for me on Saturday – 8:30! I had planned to not leave the house but realized that I could go through the bank drive thru in sweats and slippers with no one the wiser so did do that. Otherwise it was chores and heading back downstairs. My intent was just to clear the one shelf in the storage room that I hadn’t gotten to on Monday. But once I got going, I kept going. By the time I was done, I not only finished the shelf but finished the first pass in the ebay room and even started a bit of the craft room. I didn’t get far in there and it’ll require the most work by far but I was pleased with my progress. I brought up a few things for recycling as well as a big bag of paper to go through later. A BIG bag.

Sunday was left for cooking. I had made cabbage soup on Saturday but wanted to deal with the rest of the produce in the fridge since I had 4 more days of rotating before I leave for Florida and anything not eaten would be given away. I went through it all and had a big bag of scraps for Lori’s chickens and made a trek through the snow to the compost pile. When all was said and done, I had a big batch of applesauce (used up the last of Nancy’s apples plus some older ones from the fridge so had some to eat this week and 2 lots frozen), banana bread with blueberries and walnuts as a thank you for my neighbor who had shoveled my driveway on Tuesday so my cleaning lady could get up it, roasted cauliflower and baked chicken for dinners and berries ready for breakfasts. Eating healthy is all about being prepared and I now had plenty for the next four days.

So, a good week with a perfect combination of productivity and recharging. One of the things I found in the basement was a book of daily motivations for Highly Effective People (from the 7 Habits Stephen Covey thing) and the one I opened it to talked about P/PC balance, which is production/production capacity. Perfect! It’s taken a long time for me to come to grips with not feeling guilty about my recharge time. Let’s call it wisdom, shall we? And I’ll have lots of recharge time in the next week sitting on a warm beach in the Florida Keys. Stay tuned for details.

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