Thursday, January 14, 2016

Week 2 - A Rude Return

I don’t know who thought having a Winter Workshop right after break was a good idea but this was the week for it. At least I didn’t have swimming so could go straight home after work every day.

The week started with monthly and quarterly reports to do before diving into the workshop. While I was scrambling on monthly reports on Monday morning, I got my foot caught in a wire and kicked my CPU over killing my computer dead. Our IT guy was on vacation so I had to put a call into his back up and wait. Not a good beginning to my work year but I was only down an hour so I plowed right back in. I did the bare minimum on the reports and was done by late Tuesday morning so started helping Cindy with last minute logistics for the workshop. My classes had the most sign ups so I would be facing rooms with 75+ people and had to do an hour of financial reporting that kept everyone, from beginners to advanced, riveted. I rehearsed in my head for days – in the car, in the shower, when I woke up in the wee hours – ALL THE TIME. By Wednesday morning, I was pretty exhausted. But it was time for the show.

I got to East Campus early and it was a good thing I did because there were some technical difficulties. With those solved by the helpful Union staff, I did my presentation with only a few hiccups. It was a bit awkward because I didn’t have a screen to look at so had to constantly turn around to see the projected screen behind me then turn back to the audience. I also deleted something in the first class that I’d need for the afternoon class so after sitting in on Mary’s travel class to take notes, I ran back to my office to recreate the deleted variant and wolf down some lunch before the afternoon sessions on City Campus. I had better equipment so the afternoon session went off without a hitch. I went to a Tips & Tricks class after mine and learned some great stuff. Then we packed everything up and headed back to the office. DONE! I went home and sat like a zombie in a chair. I knitted before bed (slept like a rock) but had to rip it all out the next morning. Thursday was a new day and was over in a flash just with catching up on emails and answering questions from my class. I finished my quarterly reports on Friday and it was time for the weekend. Talk about a quick week!

Since my break seemed so short after my travel woes, my intention for the weekend was to stay home. I had cancelled plans to go to an auction with Andrea when she told me her boyfriend would be going (yay!) so I happily sat knitting in the sun on Saturday morning. I had done some thrifting after work during the week so had some new clothes to wash and laundry took most of the day. It felt wonderful to be home and having a pleasant day with a nice mix of productivity and vegging. All my chores were done by early Sunday do I tackled putting new carpet on the kitty tower, which I’d taken down for the New Year’s tea and hadn’t put back up. Erica had dropped off carpet remnants so I was good to go. It took some time and the result was a patchwork of old and new carpet but I was happy to get it done and back up so the cats would have something besides my furniture to scratch. They also missed lounging on the platforms so it was all good. I was still enjoying my tree so made the decision to leave it up for one more week. I was happy about that too. The outside tree will stay up even longer but the inside one, which oddly still hasn’t dropped any needles despite not being watered in weeks, will have to go before the cleaning lady comes again. All doable.

On the diet front, I had also started rotating again on Friday so spent some time Saturday prepping produce for the week. I had been planning not to rotate in 2016 in favor of doing 2 600 calorie semi-fasting days/week but after the holidays, I couldn’t wait to get back to clean eating. I also needed to lose the 8 pounds I’d gained while eating everything in sight for almost 2 months. I felt instantly better after just half a day back on track. By the end of the weekend, I’d already lost 5 pounds so was happy with my decision to rotate again. Hopefully I can keep it up and lose 30-40 more pounds. Then I might be up for the slower, semi-fasting plan.

So the first week was over and I was ready for the new year. The next week would see the return of working out, which hopefully would help hasten new weight loss. And winter seemed here to stay, which always means more knitting time. All good, right? Happy 2016 everyone.

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