Sunday, January 10, 2016

2016 - Just One Word

Well, I did just fine with Output in 2015. I'm glad I went with the generic word because I was thinking of stuff when I chose it but ended up succeeding in a more important way - weight. I lost 65 pounds in 2015, inspired by Carolyn's success. Lots of clothes left the house (output) as I lost weight and some other things did make it out the door too but the pounds going were clearly the star. I feel great! My knees don't bother me as much, I fit in airplane and theatre seats and I cannot believe it's me when I look in a mirror. All good. And I intend to keep it up and lose more. I can't say I have a specific number in mind. Just more. Because if I feel this great now, how much better will I feel when I lose more? I intend to find out.

All that said, I am going in a completely different direction with my word for 2016. It's nothing touchy feely. I'm going for something concrete. Literally. The word for 2016 is:


Yes, you read that right. 2016 will be the year I get my basement cleared out and organized. Because I have serious issues with the east wall, which will need to be reblocked most likely. And that's my plan for 2017 so I must get ready for it. So I'll be slogging through the entire basement, which will lead to some output, I'm sure. But that was 2015. Wish me luck.

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