Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Week 29 - Back to Reality

There isn't much to say about this week. It was perfectly normal day by day but I started the week feeling behind, with stuff all over the house but my full schedule left me no time to deal with any of it. I also wasn't sleeping well, which didn't help. It'd all get done eventually.

Things turned around on Thursday when there was no water aerobics because of an issue with the pool. After a stop at the market to restock on groceries, which was long overdue, I blissfully ran home to start reclaiming the house. I finally took the last of my stuff out of the suitcase and put it downstairs. I also made a nice dinner and started to feel less behind. And the next day was Friday. 

I started the weekend by meeting Darla for thrifting. I'd already scored some yarn at Goodwill that afternoon so the fact that we found next to nothing didn't matter so much. It was great to be hanging with Darla and we weren't ready to part so went to Tico's for nachos. Not on the diet but I didn't care. We chatted while we ate and somehow I felt better because I had water instead of the margarita I wanted. Justification gets us through some days, right?

My weekend was chock full of more catching up. I had deposits to do for the Friends of the Library, stopped at Andrea's shop then dropped a bunch of produce scraps at Lori's for the girls. It was pretty hot out but I ended up outside anyway, starting to weed the garden, which had 5 foot tall weeds. Being gone for 10 days will do that. I ended Saturday with a restocking run to Dollar General. I was outside again on Sunday, mowing, clearing the deck, weeding and arranging containers and finishing the laundry. By the end of the weekend, I had a better handle on things and wasn't feeling so behind but still had surfaces covered with crap. They'd just have to wait and I was OK with that. : )

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