Monday, August 4, 2014

Week 31 - Fair and Financials

Well, it was closing meetings week so my busiest week of the work year. As usual, it coincided with the county fair so it was busy, busy, busy. I survived.

This is my 12th or 13th year doing the prep so I pretty much have it down, which means busy but not too stressful. But it’s constant computer work and by Monday night the knuckle at the base of my right middle finger was bothering me. And when I say bothering, I mean I COULDN’T KNIT! So when I needed to go home and relax, knitting was off the table. I unraveled a sweater over two nights (at least it was fiber related) and was very careful with my keyboarding, which I think caused the problem, and made an appointment with my hand doc. By the weekend, the pain had subsided and I could knit again. I’ll have to be careful to not overdo it though so I’m fully knit functional for vacation.

The Fair. I prepped my fair entries on Monday to give to Andrea to enter for me on Tuesday night while I was helping with 4H veggie entries. I was in the 4H building from 5:30-8:00 on Tuesday night and there were tons of entries so the time flew by. Wednesday night was the ribbon check. I met Lori and Michelle after work to check out my entries. I had real hope for a pair of perfect pink socks but alas, the lame judge was back. Not only didn’t they win the rosette, they got a RED ribbon while other simple projects got blues. Oh well. Nothing could be done so we went for funnel cakes. I’d never had one and enjoyed it but having that for dinner on an empty stomach was not the best idea. I went to bed with a funky stomach. My last fair duty was sitting at the library’s booth in the commercial building on Saturday night. The only attraction of that building is the AC but it was beautiful outside so it was dead. By then I was knitting so kept busy until Lorri came to break down the booth. Andrea was picking up my entries on Sunday night so another county fair was done.

The weekend was my last before heading to Rhode Island so cleaning was my main focus. I hadn’t done much cleaning since my cookout on the 4th so the house was in desperate need. I interspersed cleaning and knitting all weekend with some cooking Sunday night in an attempt to use up the food in the frig. I cleaned the bathroom before my nightly shower and washed the kitchen floor before bed. Done! Having the house in decent shape will be nice when I’m back from vacation. Just three more days until I jet.

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  1. Have a great vacation, and don't forget to knit!