Thursday, August 28, 2014

Week 33 - Back to Reality

Monday was bra day. Since Carolyn had lost so much weight, she needed new bras but since she’s planning to keep losing, there would be no point in buying expensive ones. Vanity Fair outlet would be the perfect place to go so we headed to Dartmouth first thing. I was on dressing room duty – putting bras back on hangers, getting other sizes, etc. You know the drill. She found a couple of bras and the black capris she’s been searching for, on sale no less. I got a pair of denim shorts and a ¾ sleeve shirt so it was well worth the drive. After a quick lunch at Corner Bakery Café (a Panera-esque chain but with more variety – I want one in Nebraska. Now!) it was time for some quality time with Cornelia. I picked up mint chocolate Awful Awfuls and we sat in her backyard, chatting and enjoying the view. She did have to help Rick a couple of times but we enjoyed catching up. After dinner, we watched the BAD movie Divergent. We didn’t start until after Matt got home so it was a struggle to stay awake. I should have gone to bed instead.

Tuesday was my last day and not a whole one either. We hadn’t done our Job Lot run yet so did that first thing then the packing began. I had only brought my small suitcase and had a bigger carry on to use but had bought lots of stuff. Aaron took one look at the piles I made on the couch and declared there was no way it’d fit. Ha! The challenge was on. I did take 2 mugs out of the equation immediately but then started packing. I am an amazing packer. No need for modesty there because it’s true. I should have taken a picture of all that I fit in. It was a thing of beauty with everything tightly packed and every nook and cranny filled with bags of green tea from the many boxes I’d bought at The Christmas Tree Shops. I had it all in and was feeling proud of myself when Carolyn pointed to a bag on the stairs that she’d never mentioned and I’d ignored that was full of stuff she’d bought for me to take back. I managed to fit a few more things in but all but one pair of jeans she’d earmarked for Nora would be waiting until Christmas. I did put a single pair over the top of my carry one stuff for Nora to try on. If they didn’t fit, Carolyn could donate the rest. If they did, they’d wait with the mugs until Christmas, which is only 4 months away. Yikes! Carolyn had gone out for spinach pies for lunch and then I made one last, quick run to Cornelia’s before heading to the airport for 3:30.

I had checked in after dinner on Monday, 22 hours before my flight, and had a high C boarding pass! It really is time to consider paying the $15 early check in for flights from RI. Anyway, it was only 2 hours so I figured I could put up with anything but then scored a middle seat in an exit row and had a lovely flight, chatting with the woman next to me, knitting and watching some TV on my iPad. I so love my iPad. How did I manage before I had one? And before the internet? Don’t wanna go back there! My flights were both uneventful as was my ride home. I got into my house at 10:45 p.m., showered and went to bed. I was working Wednesday so had to get some sleep. It was great to be in my own bed.

Wednesday was catch up day at work. After an 11:00 meeting across campus, Nora and I grabbed wraps and sat on the picnic table behind our building for lunch and she caught me up on what I’d missed. I made it through the afternoon fine despite being short on sleep and went home to unpack. Everything had made it fine and it was like Christmas. Speaking of which, stockings and my color swap are DONE. This has got to be a record for me.

Thursday was the annual fiber garage sale from the Friends of Hillestad Gallery sale. It started in the morning but I was going at lunch with Anne and Dodie. Andrea had already been and gone but I found plenty of fun stuff to buy, spending $60 at the yarn sale - $5 for a bin to hold it all, about $10 on needles and magazines and all the rest on yarn, which was $1/skein so I got LOTS of yarn. I ran next door to the fabric sale and bought $12 worth of 70’s calico for my That 70’s Quilt. Time to get working on that. We stopped at Pho Factory for take out Vietnamese food, inspired by show I’d watched on the plane. While it was delicious, it was not take out friendly so I barely ate any of mine, saving it for home when it would be easier to put together and eat. I went to the pool that night only because there were no classes the next week so it was my last chance for awhile.

I was still doing OK energy wise on Friday and had lots of meetings so the day flew. I was looking forward to being home on the weekend and just getting all my RI spoils put away (I’d unpacked but there were piles everywhere) and maybe some yard work done. But Saturday was spinning and while I had considered skipping it, I didn’t and had a lovely time. I got my day at home on Sunday to neatize the house, integrate all the new stuff and get some chores done. I had made it through my short work week and was feeling good after a relaxing vacation. Now back to reality.

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