Sunday, July 7, 2013

Week 25 - Lovely then Not

Well, the week started out normal and had a couple of high points but the end. Sheesh!

There was a class going on at the library on Monday night so we were able to stay until 9:00, which was nice. I was determined to finish my planting so went to B&B Nurseries, my favorite one in Lincoln over lunch on Tuesday, armed with a groupon type deal for $20 of plants for $10. Nora went with and we had fun shopping for flowers then grabbed Taco Bell before heading back to work. I left an hour early on Wednesday so I could finish my containers, which I did. It felt great to cross that off my list and I had just enough plants and they all looked great. Nice.

The planting done, it was time to finalize my trip. I had been checking US Air after John found a cheap ticket on (never heard of it until John emailed.) I couldn’t make up my mind – should I fly on Thursday or have my annual cookout and fly Friday morning? Well, there was a $127 ticket to fly out on the 4th. Decision made! I bought the ticket and emailed details. I would be taking either the train or bus to RI on Sunday. Now all I had to do was decide when to leave.
The weather had been gorgeous all week but it got hot on Friday. I had lunch with Layton and hit the super markets on the way home. I was going to hole up on the weekend and do some cooking. My friend Nancy had been home alone for a couple of weeks with a broken leg. Her husband and daughter had left for a school trip to Europe. Since she wasn’t into cooking even when she wasn’t on crutches, I was going to her house on Saturday night to cook dinner. I spent Saturday making easy things for her to prep – salsa pork roast with brown rice, cranberry cole slaw, banana bread and brownies. I brought a ham slice (her request) to cook that night along with Sunny Paris potatoes. I watered her gardens when I was there, cooked her dinner (yummy, if I do say so myself) and hung out and watched some TV – all fun. It felt good to help her out and I had kept some of everything back so would be eating well next week. Bonus!

The knitters were coming on Sunday afternoon to watch the movie I’d Netflixed of our book club book – The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio. I hadn’t even tried to read the book so this was going to be it for me. I spent early Sunday doing chores (I still have no cleaning lady so am cleaning my own house for the first time in years) and had scones in the oven when Lori and Andrea arrived. We watched the movie, had tea and scones and knitted. It was a lovely afternoon. When they left, I finished laundry and made chicken for dinner, sitting down for some Masterpiece Theatre. It had been a nice week.
That would have been the end of this post if not for the pain in my gut. At first I thought it was the shorts I was wearing, which had a tighter elastic waist than my regular veg shorts. But I changed them and it didn’t help. I took some Tums for good measure but the pain was in my lower abdomen and getting worse all the time. I went to bed but couldn’t lay on my stomach to read and could not get comfortable at all. At midnight I was still awake and in pain. This was not good.

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