Monday, June 17, 2013

Week 24 - Back on Track

It was a week of packages, summer weather and getting caught up. The heat and humidity that plagues Nebraska in summer was long overdue so I guess I shouldn’t complain. But have I mentioned how much I hate Nebraska summers? I thought RI was hot until I moved here. But enough bitchin’….

Packages, packages, packages. I had won a contest on a knitting blog thanks to Anne Marie, who forwards me contest links all the time. So when I stopped home on Monday between work and knitting, I had my first package of the week waiting for me – a super fun, orange project bag from Nice way to start the week and then it was on to knitting to show and tell the bag and the yarn I’d picked up at lunch to make baby things for Helen’s as yet unborn grandbaby.

It was hotter than Hades on Tuesday so I didn’t venture out at all until I headed to the pool, which was fun as usual, despite having to huddle in the 2 center lanes so the two groups of kids having swim lessons could take the corners. I found my Amazon order at my door when I got home with the new Jen Lancaster memoire and Stephen King’s newest – Joyland. Since it takes place at an amusement park, I just had to get it for the Rocky Point nostalgia factor. Then I nuked the last of the asparagus goat cheese pasta and poured a glass of wine, thereby ensuring I’d get nothing more done that night.

I had lunch with Darla on Wednesday and had big plans to run errands after work until heard from Lorri. She emailed that when she’d picked up seeds she’d brought in the package that was at my door. Since it could only be my color swap package, I ran home like a kid at Christmas to rip into it. I’d chosen an orange/blue/tan color scheme (kingfisher on design-seeds) so was hopeful for some orangey goodness. I wasn’t disappointed. I got gorgeous yarn, fun handmades and an Amy Butler project bag full of goodies. I just love my color swaps.

The deadline for shipping was Thursday so I had my note written and my bag of stuff with me when I went to work. Since my package contained a hardcover book and so was heavy, I stopped at the post office to pick up a flat rate box on the way in. Clearly I had just a bit too much for the medium box. Damn! But I had vacillated between two lots of handspun and had brought the larger lot to work. By switching to the single, smaller skein I was sure I could fit it all but I’d have to ship a day late, something I’d never done. Usually I’m one of the first to ship. Well, my movie plans for that night fell through so I decided to head to Joann’s for a clip on OttLight to include as consolation for the late shipping. I picked that up, swapped out the yarn and successfully fit everything in when I got home. Yay!
I dropped the package at The Union PO on Friday morning and crossed that off my list. I had a nice lunch with Layton and made a beeline home at 5:00. With the swap package gone, it was time to focus on the house. The lack of progress on getting things back to normal was wearing me down. Not only were the curtains and rugs still not back but the lack of a cleaning lady deadline meant that the back of the house was a cluttered mess. Plus all the floors needed attention. Time to buckle down. I’d wisely invited friends over to knit on Sunday at 2:00 so I had a deadline to help motivate myself.

After a quick trip to the library to drop checks on Saturday morning, I got busy in the house. I swept every room and put the rugs down, cleared off the surfaces in the spare room and finally made that bed (talk about instant improvement!) and ironed the curtains and put them all up. I also unpacked all the essentials from the basement. All that doesn’t sound like much but it took all afternoon. I was very happy to have everything upstairs, in its place and looking normal so sat down to knit, satisfied with my progress.

My plan for Sunday was to neatize the kitchen and bake something for that afternoon but when Andrea called to say she was bringing a pie, I headed outside in the blazing heat to start planting my containers. I was dripping with sweat but was able to get all the backyard pots planted and the hoses installed by 1:00, when I went inside to shower and grab some lunch. What I should have done was immediately drink a bunch of water. I didn’t do that and was actually light headed from dehydration. The tea I made to go with Andrea’s pie wasn’t cutting it so I drank bunches of water after they left and was immediately better. I did my laundry and called it a good day. Most of my containers were planted and looking gorgeous on my deck, I had fun knitting and Andrea even finished my baby hat because she forgot her yarn. Nice bonus.

All the packages were fun but they paled in comparison to having my house back to normal. I don’t know why I thought it would take less time to unpack than it did to pack it all up. Lesson learned. And by the way, I will NOT be having major house projects done while I’m travelling anytime soon. I’m definitely over that.

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