Monday, June 10, 2013

Week 23 - Social and Weird

It was a fun week full of socializing, gardening and lots of knitting but punctuated by some mid-week weirdness. Sometimes working in academia is just nuts. Keep reading.

I ran errands at lunch on Monday, taking advantage of my temp handicapped parking space, which allows me to leave at lunch without worrying about finding another space when I get back. That has been a joy and something I’ve never been able to do in the 15 years I’ve been at UNL. Being able to run errands at lunch means I can leave for home right after work. It’s so convenient that it’s actually making me think about paying the $90 a month for an assigned spot right across the street. But I digress…

I’ve been parking at a spot that used to be assigned to a specific person but she quit last summer so it’s been sitting empty. Parking gave me permission to park there because the service order to change the sign to undesignated had already been submitted but it hadn’t been changed yet. Well, I got an email from my boss on Wednesday morning asking me not to “abuse” parking privileges by parking there. When I told her I had permission from Parking, she said there was the perception that I was doing something wrong so I had to stop. Someone had mentioned it to her and she didn’t want it escalating.

So, that’s the world I work in, where perception is more important than reality. When I called Parking to tell them I couldn’t park there, they acknowledged that since I worked in Canfield, I had to “be careful.” She was the 3rd person who’d said that. Nuts! What I want to know is why the busy body who reported this “problem” isn’t considered the problem. Does the person have so little to do that they can monitor the back parking lot? That’s what it’s like to work in academia sometimes. It’s still a wonderful place to work but this kind of crap goes on all the time. And the kicker is, I’m parking in the lot on the other side of the building in an undesignated handicapped spot. Big woop. I hope the meddler is happy. I had to talk myself out of stewing on this but had to share here. Thanks for listening.

Otherwise it was a wonderful week. The cool weather was holding, which was a boon because I hadn’t gotten gardening done on the weekend because of rain. I knitted at the library on Monday after work and then went home to plant one veg bed before it got dark. I prepped one bed (I’d picked up manure on the way home) and had my tomatoes, peppers and basil planted by dusk. I took a shower and watched TV for an hour before heading to bed. It had been a long but satisfying day.

Tuesday was my first day back in the pool in 6+ weeks. It felt great and my knee held up. Afterwards we were going out to dinner as a farewell for Wendy, a grad student who has been swimming with us for years and was moving to LA. We were doing Mexican (never my first choice) so I wasn’t too jazzed about that but it was fun and the food was actually good. I’ll miss Wendy so it was good to have a fun time wishing her luck. I didn’t get home until after 9:00.

Wednesday was a free evening for me so I headed home to plant another bed. This bed was cukes, melon and dried bush beans. When I was done, I took a shower and then sat down for a marathon of TV and knitting. I watched 2 hours of Master Chef (I love the summer cooking shows) and then popped in the DVD I’d gotten that day of season 5 of Breaking Bad. I watched 2 episodes that night and got up early Thursday to watch the 3rd so I could mail it back that day and get the 2nd DVD on Saturday. If the USPS drops Saturday delivery, I won’t be able to 2 discs a week. Did that pass?

Thursday was going to be another long day. I was going to the movies with Darla after work – Star Trek. It started at 6:10 so we were going to hit our thrift shop beforehand and then have popcorn and call it dinner. Mary ended up coming with us too. It was a fun movie and then I walked back to campus at dusk, which is nice. I love campus when it’s deserted and I even found my two favorite kitties to love on for awhile before heading out. I didn’t get home until 9:30. Good thing the next day was Friday.

Friday went quickly enough and then it was home to plant the last 2 veg beds. It was going to be a rainy Saturday so I wanted to be done with the beds so they’d be watered in. I prepped one full bed and half of the last, leaving the swiss chard from last year that’s going to seed so I can save some to plant next year. I planted squash, green and wax beans, more chard, parsnips and potatoes. Done! Despite it being cool out, I was dripping with sweat so showered and began my weekend knitting. Nice. All that was left was the containers, which I hoped to get done Sunday.

Saturday was our World Wide Knit in Public event at the library. A cat fight woke me up at 5:00 a.m. so I got up and baked this coffee cake to take. It dirtied every mixing bowl in the house but was absolutely delicious so worth it. Unfortunately it was pouring rain all morning so very few people were at the library but we had fun knitting in the front lobby anyway. We knitted from 9:30-1:00 and then headed to Chips for lunch. When I got home, I picked up the kitchen and did a bunch of pots and pans. It continued to pour rain on and off so it was a good day to be productive inside. I’d need to be productive again on Sunday to get through my to do list. I ended Saturday by cleaning my bathroom, which I hadn’t done in years but since I’m between cleaning ladies… Damn!

Well, it was supposed to be sunny on Sunday but the day was dreary with light rain on and off. I started laundry and continued to neatize in the house. It didn’t look like the I’d be doing my containers after all. When the phone rang, I was happy to hear Helen’s voice. She was going to do an Omaha run for craft supplies and wanted company so I happily agreed. We went out to lunch (Mimi’s CafĂ©) and then hit Joann’s. I didn’t buy any yarn! Can you believe it? I did get a clip on OttLite, which I’d tried in Ireland, which was 50% off so only $10. Such a deal! After running a few more errands, we got Starbuck’s and headed back. It was still dreary so I wouldn’t have been planting anyway so it was a wonderful way to spend my Sunday. I didn’t get my laundry finished but did make a nice dinner. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

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