Sunday, March 3, 2013

Week 9 - Seeking Less Fun

Yet another busy week. Nothing new there. But this one seemed a bit more frantic than others, which made it fly by at least. I think it may have been all the late nights, both doing things and then not sleeping well.

I should have known it would be a busy week when I started it by hitting Wal Mart before work on Monday morning. I knitted that night and Anne Marie came over to wind yarn afterwards. I had lots of pots and pans in the sink and the cleaning lady was coming Wednesday so I worked on those while she wound and kept going until bedtime. No down time there. Then I swam on Tuesday and finished prepping for the cleaning lady before sitting down to veg. I worked through lunch on Wednesday so I could leave work early to meet my friend Nancy for an early dinner. Then, at last, I was home for a night of TV and relaxing. I needed it because Thursday was swimming, dropping recycling and grabbing chicken tenders from the market to eat in the car on the way to Jeanie’s daughter’s house where she was helping restring my spinning wheel. I got home ~8:30. By this point in the week I wasn’t sleeping well, probably because I wasn’t getting any down time. You think?

Friday was the first so when my cat woke me up at 5:20, instead of rolling over for another half hour of sleep, I got up to run my data builds and cast on my March socks. It was a nice way to start the day – the socks, not the reports. The day flew by, as deans’ reports days do and I bolted home eager for the weekend.

I had another busy day on Saturday. I had a Friends of the Library meeting so I did the treasurer’s report, which required calling the bank to confirm some things, and was at the library at 10:00. From there I went to the bank then hit the thrift store for the bag sale. I brought a bag of clothes to Andrea’s store, where Lori was hanging out so she and Andrea split them up. I was picking Andrea up at 1:00 to head to Cosmic Cow (the cool quilt store in Lincoln) but customers came in at noon so Lori and I went out for a latte and scone. I ran home to pick up some yarn, picked Andrea up and headed south. We had fun finding fabric. I was thrilled to find Jenn Ski’s fabric (the mid-century modern blog in my list – check it out on the left) so bought a few fat quarters. After a quick stop at the market, we went to Yarn Charm so I could use their knitting machine to make sock blanks with my lilac cones from Brown Sheep. Well, that didn’t work out like I’d planned. Between the machine having issues and me not knowing what I was doing, it was a total waste of time. After an hour and a half, we ripped out what I’d knitted (badly) and headed home. It was another long day.

Sunday was a wonderful day at home. At last! I had a lovely day intermingling chores with knitting and listening to the audio book for book club – Shadow of the Wind. I even managed to do all kinds of things that have been hanging around too long, like putting away some Christmas dishes that have been living on the counter and my stocking stuffers, which have been sitting on the hutch since Christmas. I know. Ridiculous. I also went through every piece of paper on the desk.  I ended the night with a yummy layered tortilla thingie I threw together for dinner. The house is picked up, I have a big bag for Goodwill and another to take to work to divvy out and I can see the top of the desk and the bar. Best part though was just being home. Since I’m a sucker for saying yes to all kinds of things that keep me from home, maybe it’s time to schedule 2 weekends a month to do that and not allow other things to supersede that. Do you think there’s a chance that could work? Hmm….





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