Sunday, February 24, 2013

Week 8 - Wonderful Snow Day

The week had a frantic feel to start and then slowed WAY down. I could use a few more days at the slow pace.

Work was busy and sometimes frustrating. Nuf said about that.

Monday was Presidents’ Day (we don’t get it off in exchange for a day between Christmas and New Year’s) and the library was closed so we couldn’t knit there. Lori invited us to her house but I opted out, instead enjoying a nice night at home. I had lunch with Darla on Tuesday and then swam after work. Wednesday lunch was UAAD, where Dodie won the Donaldson Award for excellence in management, which she deserved. Then it was all about the storm.

It was supposed to start snowing Thursday morning and they were predicting a foot of snow. I had already told Nora I wasn’t going to come in so was looking forward to a lovely vacation day at home when I left Wednesday. I tried to swim but was late and then couldn’t get a parking spot so just headed home. I’d food shopped on Tuesday so was ready to hunker down. Yay!

It was gray on Thursday and I was enjoying myself immensely, still in my nightie, when I called Andrea about booking our tickets to Ireland. She told me UNL was closed! I had had no idea, having completely ignored the crawl on the TV, which I’d had on all morning. Yee ha! That made the day even better. Then we bought our tickets and got a great deal, adding to the wonderful. It did start snowing around noon and kept up all day. It was wonderful to be warm inside knitting while to snow fell. I made comfort food for dinner – hamburger stroganoff over egg noodles with broccoli. I’d also made rice pudding and a pie so had dessert to chose from. I started a wonderful baby sweater for Cheryl’s grandbaby too and was enjoying that. Snow days rock!

We got seven inches. They had plowed at some point overnight but only one pass on the other side of the street. Since they didn’t plow after the last storm until after noon, I shoveled my entire driveway and 6 feet of the street so I could get out to the plowed side. I was dripping with sweat by the time I was done so hopped in the shower and got to work ~10:00. Not bad. LPS was out for a second day so lots of people were still out. Layton and I had a quick lunch at The Red Fox and the afternoon flew by. Nora, who was working from home, called me on and off all afternoon.

When I left work at 5:00, I met Darla at the thrift store and scored big. I got all kinds of fun things at our store and then went next door to Goodwill, where they were having a 99 cent clothing sale. $3 later (2 sweaters for felting and a nice shirt I’ll take to Ireland), I headed home. But I couldn’t resist detouring to the 27th Street Goodwill and scored again – clothes and lots of craft supplies. Then it was home for the whole weekend. I drove into the garage with no intention of going anywhere before leaving for work on Monday morning.

I had a lovely weekend with lots of knitting, cooking, some crafting and the inevitable chores. The sun was blazing all weekend and by Sunday night I had finished the baby sweater, had a frig full of food for the week and had organized all my knitting stuff – yarn, needles, etc. I didn’t manage to get the house picked up so will have to do that before the cleaning lady comes but that’s OK. It was a wonderful weekend and a nice week too. Who doesn’t love a week with a snow day?

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