Monday, February 11, 2013

Week 6 - Another Good Week

As usual, it was another busy week and the weekend was pretty full too. But like I say, better busy than bored. 

Having cooked nothing on the weekend, I couldn’t even cobble together lunch on Monday but Darla was up for lunch so we headed to Virginia’s (the local greasy spoon) and on the way back I met Anne to transfer the last load of yarn to her car. She’ll be all set for her charity mittens for awhile. At Monday Night Knitting, we went through the better quality yarn and I took one grocery bag of miscellaneous skeins and another of natural for dyeing. I know, I didn’t need any of it but hey, it was free! 

I had suggested Anne, Kate and I do a pizza yarn sorting thing on Tuesday after work and that was the plan but Kate was under the weather so we cancelled. I swam and went to the market, where I picked up my first ever rotisserie chicken (I can see why these sell) and some cole slaw because between cancelling pizza at Anne’s and the end of the day, Andrea was now coming over to pick up my I-cord maker and have dinner.  

The rest of the week was a blurr. I was working with a useless travel agent from AAA to find good flights to Ireland (still nothing – see? USELESS!), was at training all day on Thursday (the make up session from last week’s Engineering training when it snowed and half the class couldn’t get it) and it was Friday before I knew it. On the way to work, the car in front of me on 77 kicked up a 1” rock and so I started the day with a circular crack smack in the middle of my windshield. Add replacing that to my to do list. Damn! 

Saturday was my cousin fun day with Helen for my birthday. I was torn between doing an Omaha run and staying home for pizza and chatting but was leaning towards the latter when the phone rang. Helen wanted to come Sunday instead so I sat down to knit, getting inspired on a felted project for my swap. I called Andrea to see if she wanted to do a quick Omaha run. She did so I would be picking her up at 1:00. I had said I’d bring her lunch but then knitted until the last possible minute so figured we could grab something in Omaha, my treat, instead. 

I headed to her shop at 1:00, where Andrea asked if her nephew could come with us because he needed some ammunition. Here’s the choice – having a nice afternoon of lunch and shopping with a friend or doing the same with a 14 year old boy in the back seat, watching my language, choosing conversation topics carefully and going to the gun shop. What would I choose? Well, she’d already told him he could come so I had no choice. The most pleasant part of the afternoon was the 20 minutes sitting in the sunny car at Guns & Ammo getting a blizzard update from Carolyn while they shopped. We got a donut and called it lunch then Trader Joe’s was a mob scene (was this normal for a non-football Saturday?) It was so full I couldn’t do some of aisles so I only bought 1 bag of stuff so I suppose it saved me some oney. Then we hit Aldi and were home at 4:15 so I could decompress with a cup of tea. It was not the afternoon I’d planned but at least I had stocked up.  

Sunday was fun. Helen came over mid morning and we sat and chatted all day, picking up pizza for lunch. She brought banana bars with cream cheese frosting for my birthday. Yum! She left just before 5:00 and I jumped in the shower before heading to the country club for the library’s Wine & Dine dinner. I forgot the Friends’ checkbook to pay the caterer so had to go home for it and missed the social hour but had a delicious prime rib dinner and was home in time for Downton Abbey. Half the people there were going home for it and one of the speakers even closed with a Downton Abbey time check. Too funny. 

So another busy week with a fullyl scheduled weekend following. I got some fun knitting done, spent time with friends and swam twice. That rates as a good week in my world. How was yours?

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