Sunday, February 26, 2012

Week 9 - Cat Scratch Fever

It was a weird week. Nora’s dad died on Tuesday morning, which was a blessing. We didn’t see her until Thursday so I stepped in to handle some of her stuff and it was up to me to keep the boys busy. It was actually lucky that I was teaching two afternoons because they could come to training and I had two less afternoons to worry about. It’s hard keeping them going on things and answering all their questions while trying to get some of my own work done. Needless to say, the week flew by and I went to bed early and slept like a rock every night.

The library was closed on Monday for Presidents’ Day, which I hadn’t anticipated so was pleased that I could swim and then go right home. I knitted anyway but at least I was home and could eat a decent dinner. I had planned to swim on Tuesday but had a planning meeting after training with Mary and the boys so ended up staying late answering an urgent email. So Tuesday was another earlier than I’d planned night. Nice.

It was gorgeous and warm on Wednesday so I ran errands over lunch. I went to Michael’s and Trader Joe’s, picking up a salad for lunch and some daffodils for my desk. I swam after work since I’d missed Tuesday then hit The Warehouse, where I scored some deals.It was so warm out that I grilled a steak outside for dinner and watched Survivor, which is really good right from the get go this season. I taught again on Thursday afternoon then swam and headed home. I was looking forward to Friday and the weekend.

I put the boys on a project I had thought I’d do, giving them basic direction and letting them each take a stab at it. Time flew by with me answering their questions all morning. Layton and I did lunch at the Chinese buffet and we were back early for my 1:00 meeting. Nora, the boys and I were going over payroll stuff in the training room. After two hours of that, we needed a Starbuck’s break. The sun was out when we finished the meeting but five minutes later, the sun had gone in and by the time we got to Starbuck’s, it was snowing. Gotta love Nebraska weather!

When I got back, I had to deal with a woman in my building who insisted that one of the campus cats had scratched her car. She was in a tizzy and wanted to know who she should call, as if there was a pot of money somewhere to cover her paint job. She had concocted a story about a cat jumping onto her hood and losing its footing so scratching its way down the side of her car. So I went out and checked her car and it would have had to be a magic, one footed cat to have made the scratch on her car. It was also so faint that spit and a Kleenex easily removed it. (She’d said it was so deep it was like it had been keyed!) We’d had a huge wind storm on Thursday and it looked like a branch had scratched her car. I met her at the car at 5:00 and by then the 5 minutes of rain that had followed the snow had practically washed it away. Talk about a mountain out of a molehill! I did not need that at the end of my week!

Other than a meeting at the library on Saturday morning, the weekend was mine. After the meeting, I ran some errands in town and then popped into Andrea’s shop for a chat. I made some hotdogs on the grill for lunch and spent the afternoon knitting and reading in the sun. It was very pleasant and then I made goat cheese and asparagus pasta for supper. Yum. Sunday was chores, as usual, and I managed to motivate myself enough to go through all the papers on the desk, which was way overdue. I made a roast chicken for 4:00, which Andrea came over to help me eat. The chicken was only OK considering all the work I put in but then I’m just not a big fan of roasted chicken. After supper, she helped me wind some yarn – always easier with a second set of hands. It was a nice, relaxing weekend after such a busy week.

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