Monday, February 20, 2012

Week 8 - My Next Trip

This week was all about getting back to normal. I went to bed early every night and tried to get back to some routine after my week with Connie.

Despite having a relaxing Sunday, I stayed up too late watching Downton Abbey (LOVE it!) and woke up feeling under the weather. My stomach was off. I would be hungry but then everything I ate felt like it was wrong so I spent the day fighting nausea. And what did I bring to eat in the car between swimming and knitting? Sushi. Not a chance. I was feeling better by the end of the day so did swim then went straight to knitting. I ate a bowl of cereal when I got home and called it good.

The rest of the week went by in a blur. I didn’t swim for the rest of the week so got some errands and such done after work. Here’s a tip – don’t food shop on Valentine’s Day. I had to fight through hordes of men buying last minute flowers, steaks and seafood.

The big news for the week is that on Thursday I took the plunge and put down my deposit to go on the next Jean Moss knitting tour in England. This one is in the Lakes District and York. Andrea isn’t going this time but a Jenny from New Mexico, who I met and enjoyed on the last trip, is. We won’t be sharing a room (hello single supplement) but at least I’ll know someone. I am SO excited! What more could I want? Knitting, gardens and gourmet food, all in England, which is my favorite place ever. So excited!

I went thrifting after work on Friday and scored 3 cashmere sweaters for my blanket then headed home for the weekend. I had finished the slippers already so did a felting load Saturday morning so I could take them to spinning for Gina. Wet slippers in hand, I picked Andrea up at noon so we could get to the cobbler before he closed at 1:00. Having done so well the last time I spun, I thought I’d have no problems but still struggled. I need to practice more. Clearly.

After spinning, Andrea wanted to go to Menard’s but hadn’t said what she needed. Well, it was all the beadboard for her bathroom remodel. Seriously – 8 foot long strips of MDF beadboard and trim. In my Fit. With 2 people and 2 spinning wheels, we had no way to fit them except to run them from the dashboard back to the hatch between the two seats. Needless to say, we went straight home from there.

I was super productive Sunday morning, getting all my chores done before lunch. That left the entire afternoon for knitting and cooking. The sun was blazing, I had new socks on the needles and the house was picked up. Nice! I made and delivered a strawberry rhubarb pie for Donna (another thank you for doing the guitar run) and baked a banana cake for Tuesday’s food day. The day ended with the finale of Downton Abbey – a nice end to a good week.

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