Monday, February 6, 2012

Week 6 - Birthday and Snow

Between the new guys starting at work and my birthday, this week was jam packed. The days just flew by and I was more than ready for the weekend, which was our first winter weekend to speak of. At last!

Josh, the first of the new data analysts, started on Monday. Nora spent most of the day with him so I wasn’t affected much and had a normal day. I had planned to swim that night but forgot my bathing suit so instead went home for dinner before knitting, which was fun.

It was warm enough Tuesday that we walked to Starbuck’s in the afternoon with no coats on. I spent a couple of hours in the afternoon going over monthly reports with Josh, in hopes that he could be of some help. After work, I went to dinner with Nancy and the Japanese woman she’s hosting, Yuki. I had been worried it would be hard to get through but Yuki was delightful. We went to Noodles and would have talked all night if Nancy hadn’t cut us off. That worked though because I had to get home and make treats to take to work the next day, continuing the bring treats on your own birthday thing I hate. So I made turtles when I got home to go with the Trader Joe’s cranberry goat cheese. Cheryl would be picking up a baguette for that so I was all set.

But that didn’t stop me from getting up in the morning and making two coffee cakes. I needn’t have bothered because my desk was covered with goodies when I got in. There was a chocolate croissant from Cheryl, a donut from Jennifer, a bag of peanut butter balls from Jenny and an entire box of chocolate croissants from Marc. Needless to say, there was plenty to go around. The second analyst, Steve, started Wednesday but they were both at new employee orientation so I spent the morning cranking on monthly reports. The boys met Nora, Cheryl and I at Green Gateau for my birthday lunch. I was full from my carb-filled morning so just had soup and salad and took my cake to go. Josh helped with the deans reports that afternoon (yay!) and then I headed for the pool. Anne gave me a wonderful thing for putting lotion on my back, which I used as soon as I got home from Village Inn, where Anne and I joined the knitting crew. When I got home, there were three packages waiting for me – some yarn I’d swapped for, my Pinetree seed order and my color swap package. Despite the color swap being skimpy, it was fun to come home to packages.

Thursday was more monthly reports but Josh helped again so it was looking good that I’d get them done by week’s end. I had lunch with Dodie and she gave me more carbs – my favorite dark chocolate orange jellies from Trader Joe’s. How nice to have TJ’s so close! I swam on Thursday and was thrilled to just go home afterwards. I had started a new pair of socks on Wednesday morning so wanted to work on those. I finally ate my birthday cake from Green Gateau so it was a nice end of the day.

Both of the boys helped with monthly reports on Friday morning. They were both so quick that I could see it was going to be a struggle to keep them busy. Nora took them down to the training room for a couple of hours in the afternoon and I was able to finish my reports. Darla and I went to our thrift store (I scored more sweaters to felt) and I went home to wait for the storm.

I woke up early Saturday morning and we already had a couple of inches of snow on the ground. It snowed all day, while I sat cozy inside, knitting and watching Netflix. Bliss! I had fun moving all my yarn into the glass front bookcase in the front room, which is much more attractive than books. By afternoon it was beginning to let up so I called my snow blowing dude, only to find out he’d moved out of town. After calling around a bit, I finally bit the bullet and went out and shoveled. It was not cold (mid 30’s) so it wasn’t bad at all. I was done in an hour and went inside for a hot shower and a cup of tea, feeling good about having done it myself. I picked the wrong day to stop taking my meloxicam though but I toughed it out. I was only aware of my knee. It wasn’t painful. I spent the evening like I’d spent the day and went to bed knowing I had to have a productive Sunday.

It was a bright, like snow blindness white, day on Sunday. I had all of my chores done by noon and so spent the afternoon cooking and knitting. Connie would be arriving on Monday to stay the week and I wanted to have food ready to go so made quiche, a pumpkin pie, bread, baked beans (those are for me), corn muffins, sweet potatoes and baked squash. That should make a dent in the cooking this coming week. And what a nice way to end a fun week. This next one should be a doozie too. Stay tuned.

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